WE Condi: "The upcoming games against TSM and FW will give us a lot of pressure"

Calm but explosive

On the 2nd game of the 2nd day of Worlds Group Stage, WE played against MSF.

Against the Chinese powerhouse, WE, MSF seemed to have started off well, by taking favorable lane matchups. But at around 15 minutes into the game, Condi made a successful and well-calculated gank in the botlane, securing the 'first blood'.

Afterwards, WE secured the Rift Herald and once again ganked bot, speeding up their tempo. Eventually, MSF couldn't keep up with WE's speed and lost even before the 30-minute mark.

The following is a post-match interview between Sjokz and Condi, a player who led the team to victory on Jarvan.

Q. Misfits seemed like a comfortable opponent for you guys. What do you think of the other two teams in your group, 'Flash Wolves' and 'TSM'?

Upcoming games against TSM and Flash Wolves are going to give us a lot of pressure. We were watching the previous games they played, and they were amazing games from two great teams. The next games will be hard.

Q. You guys are playing in front of your home crowd this year... Can you tell us a bit about the pressure and the motivation that comes with that?

Throughout our whole journey, we’ve grown a lot and have learned a lot. There were a lot of disappointments that came along our road, but we’re finally here, and it’s all thanks to the fans who are supporting us. 

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