AHQ Ziv: "I know a lot of people didn’t expect us to win this game...we are pretty confident on moving onto the next stage."


There was a huge upset in the last game of the 1st day in the Group Stage. EDG was a team to get much credit and respect coming into this World Championships. This is because EDG was the 1st seed in the LPL coming into Worlds.


However, an unthinkable sequence of events unraveled. AHQ showed their dominance. EDG was relentless but AHQ did whatever they could to prevent and stall out EDG’s endeavors. In moments when everyone would have thought EDG would take the fight, AHQ will turn it around. Taking down the top team from the LPL, AHQ claimed a well deserved victory from EDG.


After the shocking game, AHQ’s top laner, Ziv, was interviewed to give us some insight into what really happened in that game.


¤ It took a long time for you guys to really close out the game. Take me through what went on in your perspective.

I think the main blocker for us was Shen. Shen kind of counters Corki and Twitch. They also had a lot of defensive items on their side. We did try a lot in the mid game but it went to late game.


¤ When did you guys see the Randuin's Omen on the Kog’maw? Did you guys tab and see it? How did you guys kind of adapt towards that.

So from the fight when our Twitch got a quadra kill is when we noticed. We didn’t really understand why the adc built it because it made no sense. Since the item lowers critical hit damage, we had to wait until late game when Twitch got Last Whisper and turn it around.


¤ AHQ starts by taking down the number one seed from the LPL. How far do you think your team can go this World Championships?

I know a lot of people didn’t expect us to win this game, but after this game, we are pretty confident on moving onto the next stage.

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