Gigabyte Marines Levi: "You guys might think it is reckless and aggressive, I think this is safe for us."


Before the game, everyone would have put their money on Fnatic winning. Gigabyte Marines, however, was not a team to be easily overlooked by any degree. A pick like Nocturne, even hard to see last season, was brought out and Gigabyte Marines truly showed a ‘crazy’ game.


Levi’s Nocturne was by far the most influential and memorable pick in the 1st day of the Group Stage so far. Levi showed how much potential a champion, which is not in the meta, can really do in this game against Fnatic, destroying Fnatic.


After the shocking but yet amazing game, Gigabyte Marine’s jungler, Levi, was interviewed. Let’s see what went through his head while picking this non meta champion (Nocturne).


¤ Tell me what you came up with the strategy with Nocturne and tell me what is most important in playing Nocturne in a game like this?

Actually this strategy came from Archie...he is the one who discovered it. We tested and it worked.


¤ Optimus stole the penta away! What was the call like? Was Noway angry or was it all happy cause you guys won the game after.

If I had the chance, I would have stolen it as well.


¤ What has changed about the Marines coming into this tournament?

I think this GAM is a upgraded version of the old GAM. We will show more surprises for you guys.


¤ Do you think it is an advantage that you guys play so aggressive and so fearless in this best of 1 scenario?

We have prepared a lot of strategies. Even if you guys might think it is reckless and aggressive, I think this is safe for us.

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