Longzhu Gaming GorillA: "I think Fnatic will make it onto the next stage"


The performance of Immortals was amazing. In the game against Longzhu, the top team in the LCK and the team which defeated SKT T1, Immortals presented an extremely aggressive set of plays in the bot lane. However, Immortals could not snowball and close out the game against such a strong team.


Hitting the mid game, Longzhu executed a decisive but risky baron call. Changing the tides of momentum, Longzhu cut the air to breathe for Immortals. After the game, Longzhu Gaming’s Support (played Karma), GorillA, was interviewed. Let’s see what he says to say!


¤ Can you tell me what were the difficulties were in most of the game and who called that decisive baron call to win that game?

I think there were 2 factors in our difficulties. Our jungler is too weak of a factor against Ezreal regarding the early game. The second factor is bottom lane getting ganked twice in a row. I made the baron call. Luckily, it turned out pretty well.


¤ How are you and Pray working with the rookie members to stay calm and so they can play to their level at Worlds?

Among the 3 rookie players, I think Khan and BDD they love the attention. They are actually enjoying the stage. Cuzz when he gets nervous, he tends to talk less and it is important in the game to communicate a lot. It is important for as, as a support, to help Cuzz out but in this game I was also nervous. There were some difficulties there.


¤ There are a lot of rivalries here with Fnatic, IMT, and the Gigabyte Marines. Which one of those teams are going to make it out of the quarterfinals alongside Longzhu?

Since the current meta is Ardent Censer, the bottom lane is most important. Because our adc, Pray, is really good, we have an advantage to advance onto the next stage. Fnatic has Rekkles and I consider Rekkles a very good adc. I think Fnatic will also make it onto the next stage.

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