Samsung Galaxy Crown: "You just have to sit back and watch it unfold"


In the second game of the Group Stage, Koreans showed what it meant to be considered one of the best in their region. After winning 1st place in the EU LCS, G2 is considered one of the best teams if not the best in their region as well. Although Samsung came second place at last year’s Worlds, they came in to Worlds this year in 3rd place seed.


The game was fairly expected. Both teams are considered to have weak early but strong late game, but Samsung did not let an opportunity skip by. In the mid game, Samsung saw cracks in G2’s team and took initiative. In 27 minutes the game was over.


After the match, Samsung’s mid laner, Crown, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about last year and this year’s Worlds.


¤ The first game for you guys seemed very promising. We can see how much you guys practiced, compared to last year. What can we expect from you guys this year?

We did fairly well last year but I was disappointed in myself. Because of this, I payed a lot of attention to my play but I still yielded mediocre results in the spring split. It felt like a slump for me and I was disappointed yet again. I knew I could improve more and I was just looking at it in the wrong perspective. I took focus and started to improve on my play. Even after, I had a mindset that I tried my best and I wouldn’t regret anything.


¤ Last year, you guys were the underdogs of the competition. Despite all this, you guys rose through the group stages and almost made it to the end. How far do you think you will make it this time?

It is still the group stages so it is hard to judge at this moment. There are also a lot of games left and no one knows how everything will turn out. My team has improved a lot from last year but we still have our flaws. Us improving also means other strong teams has had the time to improve as well. I think you just have to sit back and watch how it all unfolds.

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