RNG Xiaohu: "All the mid laners are fairly similar... I won't lose against them"



The very first game of the full scale stage of the League of Legends World Championships has just concluded. The results came out as everyone expected. Being one of the strongest teams in the LPL, RNG defeated 1907 Fenerbahçe for their first win at Worlds.


The early game was not as easy for RNG as we predicted. RNG was caught off guard by Fenerbahçe in the early game and put them behind. However, RNG is RNG. Although suffering from a weak early game deficit, RNG slowly started to turn things around. Relentlessly pressuring Fenerbahçe, RNG gained the lead and closed out the game.


After the match, RNG’s mid laner, Xiaohu, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the first game of the World Championships.


¤ What was the key to taking down Fenerbahçe?

So in the early stages, I think we had a little bit of a difficulty. I think they were very prepared coming into the match. For us, we had better communication later on. If we did everything correct like we did, we won the game like that.


¤ How do you think you are going to match up against other mid laners like Perkz and Crown?

If it is just laning phase, I won’t lose against them. All the mid laners are fairly similar… it is just how the entirety of the team will work together.


¤ Everyone was cheering for you in the opening ceremony. How much of that motivates you to do well this year and possibly make it all the way?

It is very nice to hear the crowd cheering. Everytime I come onto the stage, I am a little bit nervous and hearing the fans cheer helps me calm down a little bit. It was our first game so we were all a bit nervous and didn’t play to the best as we can. We will play better.

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