The League of Legends World Championship 2017 Team Ranking Announcement - No. 1 LZ, No.6 TSM, No. 9 G2


Which League team is the world's best?

League of Legends World Championship 2017 will be begin on October 5th, where only one team will become victorious in the end. Which team will be the world’s best from the tournament in which only the top teams from each region can play? Here is the team ranking for the 16 teams that will be playing in the Group Stage based on their team performances.


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1st Place - Longzhu Gaming

Longzhu obviously is the team that is showing off the best performance out of all teams at the moment. They defeated SKT T1 by 4-1 in the LCK, the team that has won in Worlds for 3 times. What they have shown in the regular season has not changed in the Playoffs. The prediction that they won’t become as strong as they were on a bigger stage was clearly wrong; now is the time for Longzhu to show that their fame is nothing to be overlooked on the world stage.

The reason Longzhu got the highest ranking is that Khan and Pray has been displaying their top abilities in the current meta, in which top laner and ADC’s carry has become very important. Khan is the only player who is able to play weapons like Jayce when there are so many tanks being played. Also, Pray’s ability to carry the game in later phase is nothing that can be doubted; because of this, it is hard to imagine Longzhu losing to any teams right now.



2nd Place - SK Telecom T1

SKT T1, the team that has been looking forward to their 4th victory at Worlds, has been placed 2nd. It is true that their place as the absolute victor has become rather shaky after their defeat against Longzhu. However, Faker remains dominant- the improvement in his gaming abilities has been proven by his overwhelming performance in the late solo ranked games. They may have a laner that has been rather unstable lately, but their team has been at the top and overcame hardships several times that no one doubts they will overcome this obstacle once more.


3rd Place - Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy has dramatically made it to Worlds through the LCK Regional Qualifiers like they have done in last year. Many league fans did not expect SSG to do so well, yet, they were placed 2nd in Worlds last year. Notably, their overwhelming performance against other teams from the Group Stage to the Knockout Stage has helped bring the LCK’s status to its very top. If the teams from other regions do not play well against the LCK teams in this year's Worlds, the 3 top teams for the next year's ranking analysis will be from LCK as well.

4th Place - EDward Gaming

EDG is a renowned team that represents the LPL. Their victory at the MSI was their most glorious one, and they have been steadily playing in international tournaments, in which their performances were fine as well. Although they may have been rather shaky in the LPL Spring Split, they became the champion in the LPL after successfully winning in the Rift Rivals. The LPL is one of the top leagues that is most aggressive yet outstanding in macromanagement. EDG also received high marks for having the advantage of being the home team.

5th Place - Royal Never Give Up

6th Place - Team SoloMid

TSM has always been shaky in international tournaments. However, people working in this field, including players, coaches, and head coaches, always appraise TSM as a powerful team. They say all laners have high gaming abilities, and each member exactly understands what they should do and moves under that precise judgment. However, TSM does make mistakes, and they will have to come up with solutions to the mistakes they make every time in order to climb to the very top.


7th Place - Team WE

8th Place - Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves is the team that has powerful mid laner and jungle. They gain advantage from actively engaging in skirmishes in the mid lane, which influences other lanes in good ways. Flash Wolves has very stable macromanagement ability, which usually prevents any reverse sweeps from happening. However, they may not be able to show as much crushing power as they had before since the current meta is all about the top laner and ADC carrying the game. Moreover, the reputation for the LMS has weakened than before.


9th Place - G2 eSports

G2 has been the champion team at the top of the EU LCS for 2 years. Yet, they were the ones that caused the reputation for the EU LCS to diminish at international tournaments in last 2 years; there have been several times they lacked especially in macromanagement, and it wasn’t just a few times they barely won the games with team fights after idling time away. Their evaluation has been changed after they made it to the MSI, although they will need to play well to truly prove themselves at Worlds.

10th Place - Immortals

11th Place - Cloud9

Cloud9 has successfully proceeded to Worlds for 5 consecutive years since 2013. They have proven their class by dominating the Play-in Stage, and all they have left to do now is how they will play against the powerful teams in the Group Stage. The league fans can sure look forward to their gameplays as Impact and Sneaky seem to have gotten back to their usual performance.


12th Place - Misfits


13th Place - ahq e-Sports Club

14th Place - GIGABYTE Marines

GIGABYTE Marines is another team that has powerful mid laner and jungle, just like Flash Wolves. The Optimus-Levi duo takes the lead in the game by actively engaging in skirmishes in early phase; it has yet to be seen if they will also perform well in the Group Stage since how they tend to play has been revealed in the MSI, which the teams that have once played against them will closely use at GAM's disadvantage.


15th Place - Fnatic

They were once the top team that represented the EU LCS, but it is hard to find their old glory now- what they have shown in the Play-in Stage did not live up to their name, Fnatic. They were seen lacking in late phase macromanagement that it becomes harder to predict their victory if the game goes on for a longer time.


16th Place - 1907 Fenerbahçe

They should be praised for making it to Worlds.

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