The Sub Limitation of Worlds: Is It Necessary to Have up to Just the Sixth Man only?

Today's editorial cartoon is about the relationship between the 'League of Legends World Championship' and the usage of the sixth man.

Before we knew it, Worlds began.

At the tournament, top teams from around the globe are set to clash, and as curious it is for the viewers to find out which team will fight against whom, who the sixth member will be on any given team also sparks the interest among fans.

On September 22nd, Inven Global had the opportunity to speak with the head coaches of the three LCK teams who will be competing at Worlds, and they all had the same negative sayings towards the sub limitation of the tournament. As a matter of fact, SKT's head coach, cCarter, went as far as to show discomfort in titling one of his players as a "sub".

In traditional sports, mainly basketball, a 'sixth man' system is in place. Aside from the five starting players, a "sixth" player is subbed-in in the case of an emergency or for tactical reasons, and the utilization of the sixth man was seen as rational. However, in League, due to the tactical nature of the game, many teams employ more than six players, and the limitation that the tournament has in place brings complaints from teams and fans alike.

There are two reasons for fans to complain about the limitation. One, a fan could be upset that a player who showed stellar performance during the regular split was unable to participate in Worlds due to the rule. Two, a fan could be distraught by the fact that his or her favorite team won't be able to fully utilize players from its diverse roster for tactical reasons. 

If more than six players are able to participate in the tournament, sure, there could be downsides as much as there could be upsides. However, seeing the coaches' and players' somber facial expression, and even picturing a team's tactic becoming simple and dull, made me think again.

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