Samsung Ruler Feels Good To Leave To China After Reaching Rank 1 in KR Solo Queue.


With the World Championship Group Stage ahead of him, Samsung Ruler (Jae Hyuk Park) reached rank 1 in Korean solo queue.


On the 30th of September (Korean time), Ruler tweeted “Feels good to reach rank 1 before I head to China)” as a recognition post. Through this post, many of his fans commented saying ‘congratulations’.


Benefiting from the Ardent Censer meta as an ADC, Ruler strived through this summer season. Although his team didn’t perform as well after Rift Rivals, he was still hard working and persistent. In the qualifiers for the World Championships, Ruler showed a strong performance and this followed through in his solo queue endeavors. We are excited to see how he will go up against Zven from G2 Esports in the 1st day 2nd match in the Group Stage.


On the other hand, SKT T1 Faker has kept his reputation and expectations by placing 3rd in the Korean solo queue. We can see he comes more determined than ever during the upcoming Championships. Not to mention, Anda, jungler for Immortals, placing 13th and Immortals Pobelter placing 58th. It is shown that teams from NA/EU have all gathered together and registered at the top spectrum of Korean Challenger solo queue.


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