[Interview] Team WE Zero: "I want to fight against SKT T1"



There was no implication for today’s matches. In the last games for the elimination stage, Team WE defeated Vietnamese team, YG, 3:0. This gave way for Team WE to grab the final seat at the World Championship Main Group Stage.


Frankly, Team WE being forced to play in the play-in stage was a surprise. WE has always presented to be one of the strongest teams in the LPL. When people saw Team WE at the play-in stage, they all knew WE was 100% going to gain entry to the Group Stage.


After the completion of the match, the player to secure the win for the 3rd win of the set, WE’s Supporter Zero, was interviewed. Let’s grab his thoughts on which teams he would want to go up against at the World Group Stage.


¤ In the LPL, a lot of LPL analysts don’t think Team WE is rank 3 but in fact much higher. How do you compare yourself from EDG and RNG?

We did lose against EDG and RNG in the LPL but I think it is due to the communication issue. The teams have very good Chinese communication so that is why they can get ahead in the Chinese League.


¤ I wonder why you and Ben have been swapping on and off as support. What is the rationale behind this? What is the reason for swapping out the supports from time to time?

I think recently Ben has been performing better than me and I think that is why he used put on the first line-up. I am still not dead yet so that’s why from time to time for the line-up and contribute wins for the team.


¤ Which teams do you want to play against in the main stage at Worlds?

I really want to fight against SKT T1 in the Worlds Stage but sadly we can only go into either Group B or D. Because of this case, I prefer to go into Group D.

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