More womanly, and more fitting - Improved modelling and voiceover for Yuri

On September 13th, the 1.3 Patch went live on MXM. As the first major update since launch, it added and changed various features, including a new game mode, new master, and modification of the overheat mechanism.

The patch notes are lengthier than any other previous notes, and there was one particular phrase in the note that drew attention:


The model of Yuri’s face has been greatly improved on all 3D models.

English VO has been completely re-recorded to match Yuri’s character design concept.

The alterations were for the 3D models, illustration, and English voiceover for Yuri, the second Master to join the world of MXM since launch. There wasn’t any change to her balance, since the modifications were all essentially cosmetic, but her improved look will certainly draw some attention.

The changes to her illustration, modeling, and voiceover were already announced beforehand. During the demonstration streaming of the new master Titus and the new PvE mode, Natium Defense Line, the screen captured her changed illustration and modeling on the master tab for a short time while the host was explaining Titus’s skills and skins.

The hosts then showed her modeling and illustration, mentioning that the next patch will contain her new appearance and voice. She has now become more mature and elegant.

Yuri in the past
and she has changed!
Despite the change, the Tea Time emote is still active
The illustration has also changed in order to better correspond to the in-game modeling


The illustration and modeling of the bundle skins - SOL Master Yuri and Bloodfist Yuri - have also changed. Both skins basically feature Yuri wearing a martial arts uniform in different colors, so there isn’t really much to say about them. It’s a bit disappointing when you consider that Titus was added to the game with two fairly distinct skins called Vicar and Wasteland.

However, when you compare the quality of both skins with previous versions, the changes are quite recognizable. The face modeling, in general, has become more mature and slender, and the body ratio has also changed to better suit her age.

Before (left) and After (right) of Bloodfist Yuri
Before (left) and After (right) of SOL Master Yuri


The voiceover has also changed to better suit Yuri’s general concept. It was difficult for players to associate her previous voice with the concept, aside from the fact that she is an English-speaking Russian. The changed voice now better represents the teenage Yuri with her distinct Russian accent.

Although none of her gameplay features were changed, her visual upgrade and VO change should still satisfy her fans’ and encourage people to pick her more often.

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