[Interview] Cloud 9 Sneaky: "I hope they booked their flight"

C9 beats Lyon Gaming 3-0 and securing their place in the main group stage. In the 1st game, Cloud 9 won the game fairly easily. The 2nd game was a lot closer than the first. Lyon Gaming showed resilience and skill, but the end result was C9 taking the win yet again. Cloud 9 finished the 3rd game with a convincing victory closing out the set 3-0.

After the matches were over, Cloud 9's ADC, Sneaky, was interviewed to gain a little insight on what was going on during the matches.


Q. What did you guys think of Lyon after that series?

Umm... they are okay. I mean initially I didn't know what to expect since going into Worlds, we need to vs Wild Card teams. They really are 'Wild Cards' because they can just take a bunch of games off people like Albus Nox last year. They made it to the quarterfinals when it was completely unexpected. So, we weren't  underestimating them at all and yeah... I hope their flight home is safe.


Q. Going into the next stage of Worlds, there are two groups you can be seeded into. Either SKT, RDG, and AHQ or G2, Royal, and Samsung. Which group do you want to get into and which group do you not want to get into and why?

I think I prefer EDG, SKT, and AHQ. I honestly think EDG can be easily taken down. I'd say more so than Samsung, G2, etc. Cause usually RNG (Royal) always does well at Worlds but EDG usually doesn't  do too well. I am going to take the crown from them.


Q. Finally, Cloud 9 has been in the LCS for 5 years and made it to Worlds all 5. What do you think C9 has to do in order to do better this year?

We do have a lot of teammates now. We have Contractz but all the other members are the same. It has been a long road. It has been pretty rocky. We didn't  have the greatest split but we ended up pretty good at the end. Lost in playoffs so now we are here from the gaunlet trying to prove ourselves. There is also a different atmosphere in the team. Meteos used to be the voice of the team and I think I have taken over that role. It is a little different of a dynamic so yeah... I hope we can prove ourselves.

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