SKT Head Coach cCarter: "Clement Chu's statements about LCK teams during Rift Rivals are all lies."

During an interview for the upcoming 'League of Legends World Championship', SKT T1's head coach, cCarter, stated that the past statements made by Clement Chu, an English caster for LMS, were all lies. 

On the 21st of August, in a video uploaded on Thorin's Youtube channel (Narrative Wake Episode 3), well-known League of Legends esports personalities held a discussion about Rift Rivals. At the time, Clement Chu said, "I don't think that the Koreans tried hard at all," and that "most of the time, they went to the night market and went to the beach and stuff like that." 

Froskurinn, who was also a guest on the show, argued that the statement was too strong and that there are "no teams that don't care about performing [in tournaments]." Clement did take a step back, but he maintained his opinion. 

▲'Narrative Wake Episode 3' (1:21:05~)

Clement's statements spread throughout the Korean League of Legends community like wildfire. Korean fans were already distraught over their region's performance, but the topic of debate was set ablaze once again. And until now, there was no official response from any of the LCK teams that did participate in the Rift Rivals.

In regards to the video, cCarter stated, "Clement's remarks really angered me. There was not a single truth in any of the things that he said. At the time, the practice room lost internet connection after 10 PM, and so, we had no choice but to go out looking for places to eat late at night." SSG's head coach, Edgar, agreed.

cCarter then added, "Clement also stated that we didn't scrim as much and that we were on our "vacation". But in actuality, we always scrimmed until 10 - as much as time allowed it. I never saw Clement in our practice room or even on the servers, so I don't know what gave him that idea."

cCarter also stated that 'SK Telecom T1's secretariat' was preparing to officially confront and make a complaint towards Clement at the World Championship, but was let down by the fact that Clement won't be coming to Worlds this year. "Since he won't be coming, I want to use this opportunity to tell everyone the truth. At the time of the Rift Rivals, the atmosphere of the LCK teams was very bad because of our results at the tournament, and that's why we couldn't respond to him at the time. The other LCK teams that participated, KT and MVP, were also very, very angry at Clement."

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