Team oNe VVvert: "They made mistakes and I punished"


Both being 1-3 in the play-in stages, Team Dire Wolves and oNe have to face off against each other for their region and team pride. The deciding match will determine who will move forward to the next stage of the play-in stage.


Showing great skill and outplay in the last game, VVvert, Team oNe’s top laner, has proved he is a player to look out for. Let’s jump into the interview with VVVert and his thoughts on his previous performances and his mindset onto the following game.



¤ You made a lot of outplays in that top lane. How did it feel when you got those great outplays?

They made mistakes and I punished. Not more than that.


¤ Before 30 minutes, Dire Wolves had a good control of the match. At what point in the team did you guys say “we are back in this”?

We had Tristana and a scaling comp plus 2 fire drakes so we were behind in gold but we were still winning. The more the game goes on, we are closer to victory.


¤ Oceania and Brazil have a great history together. Now you are going into that deciding match, who moves onto the next stage. Are you confident to take this one down and win for not only your home country but also for your team?

Totally. We never stop trying. We always play our best but now I feel like we can control ourselves and we are going to do our best.

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