Team WE Xiye: "I know for certain I do not want to go against Fnatic"

▲ Xiye with his translator(riotgames


One of the most expected team to make it out of the Play-in stages for the 2017 Worlds, Team WE score yet another win against Lyon Gaming securing 1st place in their groups.

Grabbing the Ezreal in the jungle, Team WE gave a unique pick/ban phase this game. Because of the Ezreal pick, ‘Oddie’ , jungler for Lyon Gaming, counter picked Kha’xiz. Despite being down an early deficit, decisive and risky calls from WE secures them another win in the play-in stage. Calling for Baron while being down gold in an international stage is easier said than done. Let’s see what the Mid Laner of WE, Xiye has to say about the match against Lyon Gaming.


¤ You guys have played against Lyon Gaming twice already and both were fairly close games. How do you guys feel about vsing these guys?

Before the games would start, we knew they were a very strong team. While playing against them, we were surprised of how good they actually were. We think we view them very optimistically on making out of groups.


¤ In the match, you guys made a Baron call in the first 20minutes of the game being down an early game deficit. Who made that call? What was going on in the team coms while that happened?

Well, we saw at that moment that 3 people from their side pushing bot into our inhib turret. We had enough vision to clear out and also had a dragon as well. We decided it was the best decision to make.


¤ Now that you have secured 1st place in your groups and moving into more play-ins, who are you excited to play against or even scared to go up against?

We are not sure how Group C and D will play out so we can’t decide on who we want to go against. But, I know for certain I do not want to go against Fnatic.

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