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C9 Smoothie: "I got punished for being too confident"


▲ Staying Humble Throughout the Interview @Smoothie


In the 2017 League of Legends Play-in stages, Cloud 9 beat Team oNe eSports in their first game and have shown they are a team to be feared with 3 wins in their pocket.

Not giving up a single kill to their opponents, C9 has played both a fast and safe play style. Usually fast and safe does not go eye to eye in style but Cloud 9 has pulled it off. Grabbing the fastest game in the play-in stages, C9 won in 22 minutes and 15 seconds and favored to be placed 1st in the seed. After the game, Smoothie, CLoud 9’s support, was interviewed. Below you can see the Q&A with Interviewer ‘Fish’ and Cloud 9 Smoothie.




¤ What was the game plan going into game 2?

We didn’t really have a game plan. We just worked with the picks we had. Contractz and Jensen won the 2v2s, in fact all of the 2v2s so we got a huge lead off that. It was really hard to play around bot side because Shen and Taliyah both have huge pressure on side lanes. We tried to work on our strong sides and hope it worked out for the best


¤ This game you guys had was the fastest game in the groups so far. You guys already beat Dire Wolves and have to vs them again soon. Tell me more about that previous game.

We don’t expect any game to be easy. We just take it game by game and hope it goes well like this game. I definitely don’t expect them to fall over or anything. It will still be very hard and we will try to make the games as easy like this one.


¤ As you may know, winning the upcoming match against Dire Wolves will secure your spot for the 1st place in the seed. Tell me more about the upcoming match you guys have.

Even though we won all the games we played, I got punished in the past for being too confident. I don’t want that to happen again so like I said before, take game by game. Hopefully we will win them all.


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