Tairong: "Korean teams are more strategic and refined in their play"


How are you feeling?

Arhan: Happy and excited.

How did you respond to Shadowburn’s Genji?

Tairong: We focused on countering Russia’s Nano Boost + Dragonblade combo as a team.

How do you think Korea “overcame” its FPS inexperience?

Tairong: Overwatch is not a traditional FPS. And ending up as the best is more important than starting out as the best.

Thoughts on Sombra’s potential in competitive?

Tairong: Sombra will either be at the heart of a new meta, or constantly conflict with the current.

Did you notice any regional differences between Korea and the rest of the world?

Tairong: Korean teams are more strategic and refined in their play. Foreign teams’ unpredictability sometimes gives them an edge, but that advantage is never sustainable.

Thoughts on the newly announced Overwatch League?

Tairong: The general concept was expected, but I was surprised at its ambitious size. I believe the Overwatch League will provide some much-needed sustainability for the scene.

You now will return to your respective teams. Will you miss your national team teammates?

Arhan: Other countries’ teams practiced together before flying to the US, but we performed very well despite not having done that. I will miss this team.

Esca: All of my team were great people and I will miss them. I love my Lunatic-Hai teammates back home too, though, so also found myself wishing we all could have played here together.

What was the toughest part in your journey to becoming champions?

Tairong: There were times when our timings were off. I worked very hard to fulfill the coaching part of my duties well, cutting down on sleep to analyze matches.



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