BDO KR Players' comments on the new Enhanced Skills for Ranger, Valkyrie, Maehwa, Musa

New Enhanced Skills for the Ranger, Vakyrie, Musa, and Maehwa have been added in Black Desert Online KR with last week’s update. The newly added skills are acquirable at Level 57, and are separate from the Level 56 Enhanced Skills.

Below are KR players’ comments and opinions on the new Enhanced Skills for the four classes. There is an issue where both “Wind Path” (Ranger’s Level 56 Enhanced Skill) and “Raging Arrow” (Ranger’s Level 57 Enhanced Skill) use Penetrating Wind as a prerequisite skill, meaning that if you have Wind Path, you cannot have Raging Arrow.

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◆ Ranger

[New Enhanced Skill - Echoing Arrow (Ultimate: Tearing Arrow + Razor Wind)]

 - Nearly impossible to use in PvE due to the long animation delay.
 - Will knock down enemies, so it’s worth trying this skill in PvP. But you should not get too close to the enemy.
 - The delay between arrow shots is too long. It takes about 2 seconds for the Ranger to fire another shot.
 - The range is pretty long.
 - This one is the better among the two skills since it has Super Armor, long range, and can knock down enemies.

[New Enhanced Skill - Raging Arrow (Ultimate: Tearing Arrow + Penetrating Wind)]

 - You can’t have this skill if you already have Wind Path (Level 56 Enhanced Skill) because Wind Path uses Penetrating Wind. Just to let everyone know.
 - The damage is too low and it’s not for PvE. Use it once in a while when you are tired of your old combo.
 - This skill is so loud but does not do any damage.
 - It says it will knock back enemies on each hit, which is not that useful in PvP. The enemies will go immune a lot.
 - The knock back doesn’t really work, and the skill is kind of slow. Echoing Arrow would be better.


▲ The Ranger's new Enhanced Skills. Ultimate: Tearing Arrow is the main skill.

▲ Echoing Arrow 

▲ Raging Arrow


◆ Valkyrie

[New Enhanced Skill - Divine Strike (Divine Power + Sword of Judgment)]

 - Much better than Divine Power. Both the cooldown and animation delay are shorter, and also the Down Smash works well.
 - Has short animation, and the cooldown is only 10 sec. Buff duration is kind of short though.
 - Another useful skill that has Down Smash.
 - That HP recovery is good in PvE.
 - The Accuracy buff does not overlap with the Accuracy buffs from other skills.

[New Enhanced Skill - Divine Blessing (Divine Power + Elion’s Blessing)]

 - The buff lasts for only 10 sec but the cooldown is 2 minutes. What kind of skill is this?
 - The skill will only increase 10 DP. No one is going to use it.
 - 10 seconds is too short to try something with this skill. We need to run more tests.
 - The skill is actually not that bad in terms of skill effects. It’s the cooldown that is making this skill useless.
 - Like others said, short buff duration and long cooldown are the problems. But there’s almost no animation delay before the skill is activated, and the skill has super armor as well. It can also Stun enemies, so it might be a good skill to interrupt enemy’s combo.
 - You can use it as an escape skill or a support skill in PvP. Other than that, I don’t see any advantages to choosing this skill.


▲ The Valkyrie's new Enhanced Skills. Divine Power is the main skill.


▲ Divine Strike 

▲ Divine Blessing


◆ Maehwa

[New Enhanced Skill - Scattering Petals (Blooming + Backstep Slash)]

 - We finally have a skill with both iframe and forward guard!
 - As a Musa main, I hate Maehwa for having this skill.
 - Scattering Petals can deal slightly more damage than the other Enhanced Skill does. But both skills’ damage are relatively low, even with Down Attack.
 - Nice skill, but it’s difficult to use it in between combos.
 - I got this one first, and then switched to Approaching Step. Don’t expect any high damage from either of the two. Approaching Step might be better since it decreases enemies’ DP.

[New Enhanced Skill - Approaching Step (Blooming + Dragon Bite)]

 - This one is better for PvP.
 - It will make enemies go Stiff while decreasing their DP, making the following skills stronger.
 - This one might be a better choice between the two new skills as it has both CC and debuff.
 - Both Scattering Petals and Approaching Step have low damage. I use this skill for DP debuff and CC so I can initiate a combo smoothly.
 - Also, Approaching Step has a longer skill range.


▲ The Maehwa's new Enhanced Skills. Blooming is the main skill.


▲ Scattering Petals 

▲ Approaching Step


◆ Musa

[New Enhanced Skill - Undulating Wind (Rising Storm + Dragon Bite)]

 - Damage is low, but cooldown is short. (8 seconds)
 - At least it looks cool.
 - The 8 second long cooldown is not bad and it also comes with Air Attack. But there is no super armor/forward guard so…
 - Actually not that bad in PvE, but the skill doesn’t give any super armor or iframe. I get hit and the skill is interrupted while I’m in midair.
 - How come the Maehwa got a new forward guard skill and Musa didn’t?
 - Not a good combo skill since the skill will Float and push back enemies.
 - I have no idea how to make this skill work in PvP.

[New Enhanced Skill - Whirlwind Arrow (Rising Storm + Stub Arrow)]

 - Nothing impressive, but not bad.
 - You can try kiting with this skill. It’s easy to poke enemies with this skill.
 - Enemies hit by this skill will be Slowed. Also, the damage is not that bad.
 - It’s a good skill to used when an enemy’s HP is low or you want to keep your target in check before initiating an attack.
 - Like Stub Arrow, hard to use in 1vs1 situations.
 - Whirlwind Arrow is usually what people would recommend.
 - Shooting speed is really fast so it’s a good skill to poke enemies with.


▲  The Musa's new Enhanced Skills. Rising Storm is the main skill.


▲ Undulating Wind

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    level 1 BlackRuins

    "- As a Musa main, I hate Maehwa for having this skill. " ~ the best comment out of all of them, LOL, and unfortunately true :(

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    level 1 turikk

    I really like these "KR Reacts" series of posts. Really helps give a bit of context to the changes!

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    level 1 N0rthWind

    I'm rerolling Striker from Musa and with every level I gain, I feel bad for giving up on my Musa and come back here to see if they FINALLY got buffed.

    Every time, I feel more and more confident in my decision to reroll.

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