How World of Warcraft will continue to evolve: an interview with the developers

World of Warcraft's senior game designer Jeremy Feasel and senior producer Mike Bybee joined us to discuss WoW's past and future along with some new releases. Have a look.


Jeremy Feasel (left) and Mike Bybee (right)

Do you have any armor set associated with Nighthold or Tomb of Sargeras?

There are armor sets that will be associated with both Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras. We are not ready to announce the exact timing, but it will be soon.
We are planning to release them at the same pace as we have been doing so far. We do not want Tomb of Sargeras to come out immediately after Nighthold.


Will we finally be able to see the end of Kil'jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras?

Oh, we don't want to spoil the story too much. We will say that you will fight Kil'jaeden, and it will be the most unique experience you've ever had in World of Warcraft. It's going to be a lot of fun.


We heard that hunters are getting their traps back. Can we expect changes to other classes as well?

We are taking a solid look at which talents are more popular. In the case that it feels correct, we can of course bring them back.
The key thing we want to say is that we are paying attention both to player opinions and the data we collect. We just want to make sure that we are making the right decision. Patch 7.1.5 is our opportunity to really show that because patch 7.1 was under development before the Legion was even out. This is something we are having a good hard look at right now.


One of the major things in patch 7.1.5 seems to be Brawler's Guild gold.

It will give you the opportunity to buy things that you can use to help other players. There will be people around the ring while you play, so Brawler's Guild gives you an opportunity to spend money to help certain players and build a community.


Will the rewards from Brawler's Guild be able to replace dungeon rewards?

I don't think so. Usually what you get from Brawler's Guild is something that can only be used within that realm.


There are complaints surrounding the issue in which some people can just buy hidden appearance from a vendor while some others acquired them through burdensome quests. Any thoughts on that?

That's completely understandable, and we were in fact doing tests to make them easier to get, especially the ones that were very, very difficult to get.
With that said, we really love having hidden things in the game that players can discover, especially these days when the Internet helps you find it. It’s really fun to see players band together to figure stuff out, and we want to keep that experiment and learning pool.


Mythic Dungeons yield higher rewards even though it takes less time to clear than raids. There are concerns that this nerfs raid dungeons. What are your thoughts about that?

What we are trying to do is to give players more options. It's definitely a plus to see people try Mythic Dungeons, but there are still a lot of people doing raids. I think such a contrast gives people more things to do because they can often step away from raids and try some other things. We are also baselining the dungeons in patch 7.2 so it will still be relevant. We are also adding a few things that already exist, like Karazhan, just to give players more options and content to play with.


We heard that there will also be adjustments to secondary stats. How are you planning to do that?

Our main focus is to make sure that one player doesn't have a particular stat much higher than another one. When we reach a significant level of item upgrades, it doesn't have the right secondary effects without the right upgrades. So we are going to try bringing things more in line with each other.


General opinion is that PvP still has to give more loot, especially compared to PvE.

One of the things we definitely want to continue to do is support PvP content. We are planning to add more features that will make your character more prestigious and stand out.
We will also make sure that PvP players get special rewards that are not attainable in PvE, like special mounts.


WoW panel session today introduced class mounts. How did that come out?

We wanted to do something a little bit different for each class. That's why we have added an extra layer of colors for Rogue while Hunters can tame hybrid creatures like Hippogryphs. All classes have their own unique features.


There are some cases in which faction population was so tilted that it is almost impossible for certain players to even participate in world events. How are you planning to deal with that?

This was our first time trying out a technology of our own called Sharding, which chops up the server into smaller fractions so that you won't see thousands of people in one spot. In the future, we are looking forward to balancing those fractions better. It was our first time trying a big scale event, and we are confident that we will make it better.


World of Warcraft has been around for a while. We are curious whether you are paying more attention to keeping pre-existing players or drawing in new players.

Our main focus is to make an awesome game. In some cases players make comebacks when we drop a new patch or introduce new features, that comes and goes. However, our main focus is to make sure players find a good amount of enjoyable contents. That is why we keep dropping new patches and introducing new things.


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