Almost 1,350,000 people playing ‘Battlegrounds’! Steam’s concurrent user poll.





‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’, also known as PUBG, is a game developed by BlueHole and has recently reached a peak of 1,349,584 players. PUBG broke the record for most players, previously held by DOTA 2, which had a mere 1,290,000.


PUBG was released for play at the end of March of this year. From that point, PUBG gained a steady influx of players from across the world. Beating its rival, ‘H1Z1’, Battlegrounds surpassed the ‘1 million mountain’ and soon reached 1.35 million on the 16th of September. The entirety of Steam users is around 15 million. The fact that PUBG houses 1.35 of its 15 million suggests that 1/11 Steam users play PUBG.


Although PUBG is immensely popular at the moment, it is still in it’s early access stage. At the beginning of the access launch, several bugs prevented players from enjoying the game. Through frequent updates, however, PUBG has slowly expanded its player base to its current 1.35 million.


In response to the new milestone, the producer for PUBG, Chang-han Kim, said ‘Thank you for the Battlegrounds team across the world for aiding in Battlegrounds” and affirmed that “Battlegrounds is just getting started.” Working together with Producer Kim, Core Design Developer Brendan Greene, known by the nickname ‘PlayerUnknown’, said he is glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team.



▲ PUBG General Director Chang-han Kim PD



PUBG is steadily increasing its player count by the day. Because the game is still in its early access phase, new content is constantly being implemented into the game, as seen from the developer’s blog and SNS. Expectations are at an all time high to see how much more PUBG can attract players. We will have to see the results when the game will be released at the end of this year.


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