Best group outcome or the worst? Another death sentence placement for teams in Worlds Group D


Today’s Cartoon is focused on the absence of any LCK teams in Group D. The absence of any LCK team may or may not be a blessing.

Group D, with the absence of LCK teams, includes TSM, Flash Wolves, and Misfits. These teams from each of their respective regions are able to play in the Group Stages with some sort of relief. Although it may seem like a blessing to have such a non LCK team group, it puts immense pressure on the teams in Group D. If a team cannot show promising results in a group without LCK teams, the risk of judgement heading their way is at an all time high. In particular, the best hope for North America, TSM and their fans, will receive much hate for not even being able to survive the group stages again, but this time with no LCK teams. On top of all this, the chances Team WE will win the play-in and get placed in Group D is still there. No time for rest as the whole process is a worrisome situation for teams like TSM.

Looking at it from a first glance, it seems like smooth sailing for teams in Group D but it is strictly the opposite. The pressure to do well in such ‘conveniently’ placed group will be the death of any team that cannot perform on par to the expectations set. What will be the fate of TSM, Flash Wolves, and Misfits?

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