New skins for Yorick and Singed are finally here!

▲ Beekeeper Singed and Arclight Yorick (from the official League of Legends Twitter)


Riot has revealed some new skins, Beekeeper Singed and Arclight Yorick, via their official Twitter.

It has been 6 years since Yorick got a new skin. With this new addition, his total skins will be at 3. Arclight Yorick is from the Arclight series, placing him in the line-up alongside Arclight Vayne, Arclight Varus, and Arclight Vel’Koz.

All the skill effects have been changed to match the ‘Arclight’ concept, which can be seen in the video below. The video also shows Yorick’s recall animation, in which he summons a spirit of a maiden and slowly rises into the air after her.

Along with Arclight Yorick, Beekeeper Singed can be seen in the video below. Beekeeper Singed is in a beekeeping costume carrying a honeycomb on his back. All his skill effects include plenty of sickly sweet honey. Many league fans are already riled up from these short skin previews.



▲ Arclight Yorick trailer (from SkinSpotlights)

▲ Beekeeper Singed trailer (from SkinSpotlights)


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