The new master ‘Titus’ and demonstration of the game mode ‘Natium Defense’ on Twitch announced


On September 7th, the new master ‘Titus’ and a demonstration of the new PvE mode called ‘Natium Defense’ on Twitch were announced via the official MXM Facebook. With an illustration of the new master, the post informs players of an upcoming broadcast about the new master and a new PvE mode on the MXM Twitch channel.

The silhouette, revival skill, and background of Titus were already introduced through the teaser titled An Omen Appears on the official MXM YouTube channel on August 31st. This post brought an official illustration of his appearance, showing his bulky physique and a giant book as his weapon.

Along with the new master, the new game mode ‘Natium Defense’ that is to be added into the game in the future is expected to show up on the broadcast on September 8th. Natium Defense is a PvE defense mode that makes 5 players defend against enemies as a group. Players need to defend Natium from an incoming swarm of enemies and kill the boss who appears in the last wave.

The demonstration will be held via the official MXM Twitch channel at 11:00 AM on September 8th (PDT).

▲ Titus’s silhouette in the teaser ‘An Omen Appears’
▲ Natium Defense is known as a mode where 5 players protect Natium

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