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More enriched music from Black Desert Online with the Germany National Orchestra



Source provided by Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss has revealed their audio remastering process for Black Desert Online with the German National Orchestra in Halle on September 7th.

The audio remastering is being worked on with European orchestras in Halle, Germany, Praha, Czech Republic, and Budapest, Hungary, and has replaced the original computer midi music with warm, enriched sounds of orchestras. The aim of remastering is to allow players to be immersed in the world of Black Desert Online by stirring the hearts of those who listen to the new intense music.

About 40 pieces of the main theme music for regions out of 240 from Black Desert Online are under the process of remastering. Among these pieces, the ones that have less impact in the game will either be taken out or newly written so that Black Desert Online will be able to present the best game music ever to the players.

The audio remastering process is being directed by MD Hui-man Ryu, the composer of music from two rhythm games, ‘EZ2DJ’ and ‘DJMAX.’. MD Ryu is a Korean game music composer who goes by the name of ‘Croove,’ and has been with Pearl Abyss since the early phase of establishment to direct the music and sounds for Black Desert Online.

MD Ryu disclosed that, “We are doing our best to present the best quality music to our BDO players.” The new music is expected to enhance the immersion of the game, as MD Ryu stated “We will make music that allows you to really feel the world of ‘Black Desert Online,’ from a small village inn to the endless ocean, and we’d appreciate your interest and support.”

Pearl Abyss has been undergoing a process of complete graphics remastering since early this year, and a part of it was revealed at the Game Developers Conference in March. Alongside with this audio remastering, which is projected to finish sometime early next year, Black Desert Online is expected to push the player experience another level higher with their quality game. The video on the audio remastering can be watched on Pearl Abyss’ official YouTube channel.


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