New Costumes for the Ranger and Valkyrie in BDO KR

New Costumes for the Ranger and Valkyrie were added in Black Desert Online KR on Sept 7th. The Ranger's new costume, the Audria Costume, does not have any skins for her weapons. There is only one type of costume set available for the costume. Unlike the Ranger's costume, the Valkyrie’s costume, the Arendo Costume, comes with three options: Premium Set, Classic Set, and Awakening Set. The Classic Set includes costumes for Longsword and Shield, the Awakening Set includes a costume for Lancia, and the Premium Set includes both. The Arendo Costume also comes with a special emote where the Valkyrie slowly waves her fingers. 

The new costumes were added without any maintenance, and the next update for BDO KR is scheduled to be on Sept 14th. You can find screenshots for the new costumes below.



Audria Costume (Ranger) 


Arendo Costume (Valkyrie)


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