BDO KR Players comment on the recent balance update and Skill Enhancement - Part 2

Part 1:

Last week’s update for Black Desert Online KR gave the Sorceress, Berserker, Kunoichi, and Ninja each 2 new Enhanced (Rabam) Skills along with additional class balance changes. The newly added Enhanced Skills are acquirable at Level 57 and players are sharing their thoughts on the new Enhanced Skills. Also, the long-awaited rework for the Ninja was also updated. The date which the associated changes will be released in the NA/EU server has not been determined yet. Below are KR players’ comments regarding the new Enhanced Skills and balance patches that will give you a general idea on the update before its official release.

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◆ Ranger

[The maximum number of hits for Wind Path (Rabam Skill) has increased.]

 - It means that you can hit a target/targets 16 times at max, not that you can hit 16 targets at once.
 - If you shoot in close range, the skill knocks down enemies and deals critical hit damage.
 - The chance of crowd control is high because the skill hits multiple times. It can be used to initiate a combo.
 - Good skill to kill Wilderness Golems.
 - This skill can kill Golems pretty fast.
 - I used to use SP: Charging Wind to kill Golems and Golem Summoning Stones but now I have a better skill.
 - Nice skill to use in PvE, but PvP damage is too low.
  - The skill’s PvP damage is similar to that of Waltz of Wind, so do not expect any damage from it. But the skill can be used to inflict crowd control on enemies.


◆ Sorceress

[New Rabam Skill: Sweeping Darkness (Crow Flare + Midnight Stinger)]

 - An awesome super armor skill.
 - Teleport distance is similar to Night Crow.
 - Fairly high damage, wide area of effect, and will Stun enemies.
 - The skill has super armor, has only a 7 second cooldown, and will Stun enemies.
 - This is a good CC skill for a combo. Before, the Sorceress had to rely on knock down to maintain a combo but this skill will make a powerful combo with the Stun.
 - Shadow Flame (Level 56 Rabam skill) and Sweeping Darkness is the skill for the Sorceress.

[New Rabam Skill: Abyssal Darkness (Crow Flare + Abyssal Flame)]

 - Sweeping Darkness for PvP, and Abyssal Darkness for PvE.
 - It’s a ranged skill with HP recovery and 100% critical hit chance; a skill that Sorceresses have always wanted.
 - Abyssal Darkness will be a better choice if you don’t play much PvP.
 - The skill recovers 4% HP per hit, so if your HP is about 3500 you will recover about 600 to 700 HP in total.


▲ Sweeping Darkness and Abyssal Darkness

▲ Sweeping Darkness

▲ Abyssal Darkness


◆ Berserker

[New Rabam Skill: Roaring Beast (Beast Roar + Wrath of Beast)]

 - It has the same animation as Wrath of Beast but is an upgraded version of Wrath of Beast.
 - It has high PvP damage but is difficult to use.
 - Can be a healing skill (HP +350 per sec when in a Beast Form) in mass PvP/PvE
 - You get to use Wrath of Beast twice.

[New Rabam Skill: Destroyer Axe (Beast Roar + Frenzied Destroyer)]

 - Useless. Same animation as Frenzied Destroyer, no buffs, and lower damage. Also, it has a longer delay than Frenzied Destroyer does.
 - 45 seconds is an insanely long cooldown.
 - Trash skill. At least Roaring Beast can heal.
 - Absolutely useless in PvP. With the 45 second long cooldown, the skill can never be used.


▲ Roaring Beast 

▲ Destroyer Axe


◆ Musa

[Ultimate: Musa Spirit and Storm Slash (Rabam Skills) will recover 450 HP, instead of 150 WP]

 - Musa Spirit + HP recovery. It adds to the Musa’s survivability.
 - 450 HP is not that significant when you lose 1000 to 2000 HP when you get hit, but better than nothing.
 - Ultimate: Musa Spirit is not an excellent skill but Storm Slash is worse, so it’s better to get Ultimate: Musa Spirit.
 - Not sure if +450 HP is better than +150 WP. I used Storm Slash to get that 150 WP.
 - Storm Slash can’t deal much damage, and has no super armor/forward guard. Also, there is a long delay upon using the skill. Another useless skill in PvP.


◆ Maehwa

[Ultimate: Maehwa’s Will and Chaos: Red Wind (Rabam Skills) will recover 450 HP, instead of 150 WP]

 - I liked the 150 WP better, but +450 HP sounds good.
 - You can still use the original Maehwa’s Will even after you get Enhanced Maehwa’s Will so basically you get a free additional Maehwa’s Will.
 - This can work positively in PvP.
 - Chaos: Red Wind does not have super armor/forward guard, so it’s better to use Ultimate: Maehwa’s Will in PvP.


◆ Kunoichi

[New Rabam Skill: Trace of Assassin (Heart Aiming + Ninja Evasion)]

 - The skill has invincibility frame. Awesome.
 - You can quickly disengage with this skill.
 - It can Stun enemies, and also you are invincible while moving.
 - Not a perfect skill, but the iframe and Stun is good.
 - The i-frame seems a bit unstable but still an okay skill.

[New Rabam Skill: Ninjutsu Moonlight Heart (Heart Aiming + Ninjutsu: Moonlight Heart)]

 - This one is a better skill for PvP.
 - Both Rabam skills have a decent area of effect, but this one’s AoE is slightly larger.
 - Also, this one is faster and deals more damage.
 - Attack/Movement speed increases by 15% for 10 seconds. This is a huge buff.
 - This one take less time to use.
 - Ninjutsu: Moonlight Heart is a better choice, unless Trace of Assassin gives you an instant invincibility frame.
 - More Kunoichi mains are getting Moonlight Heart, not the other one.


▲ Trace of Assasin

▲ Ninjutsu: Moonlight Heart


◆ Ninja

[Drastic Measure, Murderous Intent, and Bloodthirst: Katana Shower consume less WP / Flow: Execution, Murderous Intent, Corrupt Sword, and Sudden Decapitation recover more WP / Drastic Measure and Flow: Mach Explosion recover 50 HP per hit / Seamless recovers 100 HP per hit]

 - They gave the Ninja HP recovery and his Rabam skills got slightly more powerful but nothing more than that.
 - Play like a mosquito; drain HP and fly away.
 - Flow: Mach Explosion can’t recover HP. It will be canceled because I will get hit whilst using the skill.
 - The Ninja can’t grind in endgame grind spots because he does not have enough super armor/forward guard skills, not because he does not have HP recovery skills.
 - No one asked for WP recovery.
 - First you take away his hair (there was a graphical glitch that made the Ninja bald), and now this is what they call a rework?
 - The biggest problem with the Ninja is his lack of damage, super armor, and forward guard. How many times do I have to say this?

[New Rabam Skill: Delusion of Shackles (Ninjutsu: Block Jump + Ninjutsu: Shackles)]

 - Another Rabam Skill, Ninjutsu: Beheading, has lower damage but shorter cooldown (20 seconds).  - The cooldown for Delusion of Shackles is 24 seconds.
 - When you get hit while forward guard is on, you evade to the backside of your target, in which case the skill will be interrupted and you won’t be dealing any damage.
 - Decent damage from Down Attack, nice debuff (decreases enemy’ movement speed), and forward guard all make this skill a powerful skill. Also, the Ninja automatically dodges when attacked while using this skill.
 - Good skill to use in mass fights when you are not Awakened yet and do not have enough combo.
 - One downside is that you have to have Ninjutsu: Shackles as a prerequisite skill.
 - Even if you dodge to the back, you still can be hit by CC skills with wide areas of effect.
 - Better than Ninjutsu: Beheading efficiency-wise, but Ninjutsu: Beheading looks cooler.
 - Delusion of Shackles is definitely better in PvP.

[New Rabam Skill: Ninjutsu: Beheading]

 - An okay skill. Attack speed is really fast.
 - The distance of teleport is about 2x more than the distance of Ninjutsu: Block Jump.
 - A CC skill with a wide area of effect. It can stiffen many targets at once.
 - It is a good skill, but the animation delay is too long. Enemies will have enough time to run away or attack back.
 - The animation delay is too long and it’s hard to maintain a combo.
 - You only have super armor during Air Attacks, not when you initiate the skill.
It can be used to initiate a surprise attack when it’s used with Ninjutsu: Ghost Shadow (Level 56 Rabam Skill; Smokescreen + Concealment)


▲ Ninjutsu: Beheading

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