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Black Desert Online by Pearl Abyss begins pre-orders in the Turkey, Middle East, and African regions




On September 6th (KST), Pearl Abyss (Kyung In Jung as the CEO) announced the launch of Black Desert Online in Turkey and the MENA (The Middle East and Northern Africa) regions.

Pearl Abyss opened the official website of BDO in Turkey and MENA regions at 5:00 PM on September 6th (KST) and began pre-order sales.

The BDO version launching in these regions will provide Turkish and English languages, and will be serviced by Pearl Abyss itself. The company has completed preparations for the recruitment and establishment of an in-the-field office for smooth management.

Turkey and MENA regions have bright prospects in the gaming industry. Turkey is setting the record to be No.3 in the world for the number of PC gameplay hours per person, and the Middle East is also the region where the gaming industry is rapidly growing due to the high ratio of young people and steady increase in population.

To celebrate the pre-order sales and opening the website, Pearl Abyss will be holding a sign-up event via the official website of BDO in Turkey and the MENA regions from September 6th to October 10th. Furthermore, the company will participate in Game X, the renowned game show in Turkey, from September 14th to 17th. The company is planning to actively promote BDO to potential players at the biggest single booth, with a size of 403 square meters, among all the participating companies.

“It is time to introduce BDO, the global IP, using our knowledge of self-publishing, in Turkey and the MENA regions. We will make sure to provide the best service to those who have been waiting for so long time,” said Kyung In Jung, the CEO of Pearl Abyss.

Pearl Abyss is planning to launch BDO in Southeast Asia following the release in Turkey and the MENA regions.


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    When will BDO be coming to Australia? It's great to see Turkey and MENA getting their servers and SEA on the way, but for Australian's we still get lower ping to American servers than we do to SEA ones because of how the internet infrastructure has been set up (Even tho SEA is literally next door), BDO is by far my most favourite game right now, and I see myself and many other Aussies buddies playing it for a long time (I Played WoW for over 10 years) even with having to deal with the negative gameplay experience of having over 200 ping to any US/SEA servers. WoW finally got the hint that there is a huge Australian player base who want Oceanic servers, now that BDO is the next big MMO out there, why can't us Aussie's/New Zealander's get our version too? plz Kakao <3

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    do you have a link to TR/MENA site?

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      Here's the link to the official website of BDO for pre-orders in MENA regions. I've also put up the link in the beginning of the article.

      Have a nice day :D

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    I think everyone should be able to play BDO with a lag free experience, no matter what language you speak, and where you come from. Kakao said they want BDO to be internationally known, why exclude Oceania from that list? We wouldn't even need the client translated like other countries do, it would be easy. Sure we don't have as many players as NA/EU does, so we would probably only need 1 or 2 channels max, having less channels than NA/EU would be important but I'm certain there would be enough players to fill 1 or 2 channels. WoW has more than 8 Oceanic servers all with active guilds and players, BDO in my opinion is far a better game and could easily do the same. I think that a lot of people from Oceania and other regions might of tried BDO or wanted to try BDO but were discouraged to continue, or even try the game due to the high ping, then they end up back to other games that may not be as fun gameplay wise as BDO, but not lagging is a big deal for a lot of people. Offering these servers to us will not only bring some of the people who left because of lag back to the game, but it would also spark interest in other Oceanic gamers who want a lag free MMO experience. currently we only have one MMO that has Oceanic servers, and that is World of Warcraft, some people don't like WoW, some people are bored of WoW after so many years, Kakao why not give us Oceanic players another option, we want to play your game, the best MMO too, so please let us play without lag

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    well i got so many questions like: when is it going to be released ??? and like i live in bahrain that's basically the middle east does my country includes in the servers ?? cause when i click download Clint in the web sight it says: Cannot Find The Page
    Please check your network connection and try again.

    i'm very confussed i don't want to pay and eventually know this is not gonna work for me.

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    what is the point of an ME server with out it being in the Arabic language?

    very disappointed tbh ...

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      and what about the p2w in the game?

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