Crown on Thanking Faker: "He solo-killed me on that champion before, so I made sure to pay special attention"

On September 2nd, atop the 'OGN eStadium', 'Samsung Galaxy' took down 'kt Rolster' with a score of 3-0 in the Finals of the regional qualifiers. Even after giving up three inhibitors in game 3, SSG managed to pull off a perfect defense, leading them to win regardless. 

The following is an interview done with SSG Crown.

You've now qualified for Worlds - two years in a row. How do you feel?

Last year, when we qualified for Worlds, I saw it as a miracle. It was also very hard fought this year, and that's why I'm extremely satisfied and happy.

What made you think that you were in a slump?

I didn't know during the regular season, but looking back now, I don't think I tried my best during it. As a result, I lost a lot of my confidence... I have to recover quickly.

Were you nervous before today's series against KT?

My teammates were all playing great - so I didn't really worry. Today's series was all about me - fighting with myself. and during the games, I told myself constantly, "Today's series is the last. So let's not falter."

From today's series, was there a specific moment that you remember the most?

During the 2nd set, when the enemy Lucian ulted me. I remember a while ago, Faker solo-killed me on that champion, so I made sure to pay special attention today. I want to thank Faker for it.

A lot of fans say that you have a small champion-pool.

Of course I want to play all sorts of champions. First, I'll try playing diverse picks during practice, and then, if my team or myself feel satisfied with the results, I'll play them on stage.

What are your goals for Worlds?

Setting our goals to win the whole thing... is a bit too much at the moment. Our team faced many crushing defeats so far - so for this year's Worlds, we will try our best to play at our maximum and display great performance for the fans. 

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