SSG CuVee on Team Comp: "Our team is great at taking beatings"

On the 2nd of September, 'Samsung Galaxy' won the Korean regional qualifiers. During the regular Summer Split, SSG had a record of 4-10 against 'kt Rolster', but just like last year's Summer, the past meant little for the team. With a score of 3-0, SSG defeated KT, and with this victory, they have successfully qualified for Worlds. 

After the series, the proud players climbed out from their booth to share words with the OGN casters.

(To CuVee) You shed tears last year after winning the qualifiers. Why not for this year? (Laughs)

CuVee: Everyone in the team just got used to it. (Laughs)

(To CuVee) SSG seems to get stronger when playing in the qualifiers. Were you playing at your absolute best so that you'd get a chance to taste foreign food?

CuVee: Everyone in the team wanted today's victory. The team atmosphere was really pushing for today's win, and that's why I was able to play better.

(To CuVee) When did you become certain that you'd win today?

CuVee: When all of our inhibitors respawned during the 3rd set. That's when I became sure that our team would win.

(To CuVee) Before the series, did you feel the pressure to win?

CuVee: Not really. We didn't really have anything to lose... If we lose the series, we lose, and if we win, we go to Worlds... I just thought of it as simply as possible and played without any burdens whatsoever.

(To CuVee) You were heavily pressured during the laning phase, and you took a lot of beating during teamfights!

CuVee: It was because of our team composition. Our team is great at taking beatings. (Laughs)

(To Ambition) How do you feel on qualifying for Worlds?

Ambition: I'm extremely happy. The happiness obtained from today's victory far exceeds the happiness that I felt during last year's Worlds when our team qualified for the Finals. There was a lot at stake today, so there was a lot of pressure - but I thoroughly enjoyed that feeling. It's awesome that I can enjoy this thrill once a year.

(To Ambition) What makes you play better?

Ambition: I play at my worst when I feel pressured. That's why today, I kept thinking to myself, "It's okay to lose." My teammates also did their best to play around my defensive playstyle.

(To Ambition) You were constantly looking out for 'Teleport flanks'.

The only variable that could've changed the outcome of the battle was 'Teleport'. I wasn't really needed in the teamfights and that's why I was fully dedicated to stopping flanks.

(To CoreJJ) How helpful is Ambition for making calls during games?

CoreJJ: He's very knowledgeable about the game. He is a tremendous help.

(To CoreJJ) Isn't Ambition scary?

CoreJJ: Not really. (Laughs)

(To CoreJJ) You also cried after last year's qualifiers. How do you feel today?

CoreJJ: Today's series was relatively hard fought, so almost did cry. 

(To Ruler) I saw your eyes tear up a little bit earlier.

Ruler: I honestly thought that I'd cry if I win. But I think I didn't because our team was able to win 3-0.

(To Ruler) After the victory, we saw you talking with the head coach. What did he say?

Ruler: "You shouldn't have died there!" I was scolded.

(To Ruler) You are once again going to Worlds! How do you feel?

Ruler: Very very very happy!

(To Crown) You were heavily criticized by fans for your recent underperformance. How do you feel now?

Crown: I'm very happy that we won today... I'm also relieved that I was able to play like an actual 'human being'.

(To Crown) People say that you are the most effort-driven player. 

Crown: Hearing that makes me tear up a little. I thought I did well during the Summer Split, but looking back now, I don't think I played too well... can I cry? 

As soon as I understood that I was underperforming, I started putting in more effort. I was rewarded with good results.

(To Ambition) Any final words?

Ambition: Thank you for cheering for us... and I don't want to play in the qualifiers ever again. Everyone in SSG played at their best. We'll do our best to reach the Finals in Worlds again, like last year.

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