SSG Ambition: "I found out how to play against jungle Lulu when I played it myself in SoloQ."

On August 30th (KST), Samsung Galaxy managed to score another dramatic win in the Regional Qualifier for the World Championship, this time against Afreeca Freecs. Chanyoung "Ambition" Kang was subbed in when SSG was behind 0-2, but he turned the match around with Kha'Zix and Zac, allowing the team to face kt Rolster for the final match of the Qualifier once again.

The following is our interview with Chanyoung "Ambition" Kang.

Only KT stands in your way to the Worlds. How do you feel about today's win?

We were confident going into today's match, but made a few mistakes. Thankfully, we won the match as we managed to fix those mistakes.

You were once again subbed in when the team was behind 0-2. Don't feel pressured to be playing in those circumstances?

I felt bad as I was watching the series. It felt like we were falling behind not because we were playing worse but because of their planned strategy. I felt pressure, but I was confident. I thought we'd be able to win the series if we could win just a single game.

Were there any games that you felt were difficult after Game 3?

We were behind in Game 3 because they started with getting a kill from us, but I was still confident for no apparent reason - although we felt a lot of mental pressure as a team. I think the hardest moment was before starting Game 5. I thought it was be the worst if we lost despite catching up from 0-2. I even felt fear. However, I think the team that played better advanced in the end.

How did you play against Spirit's jungle Lulu?

I've played against jungle Lulu from another team in a scrim. I thought he was trolling, but it was deceptively powerful. I found out how to play against jungle Lulu when I played it myself in SoloQ.

We haven't seen your Kha'Zix for a long time. Why did you decide to play with Kha'Zix?

I had a strong feeling, so I asked the team to let me play Kha'Zix. There is more concrete reason as well but I can't reveal it yet.

(Note: We found out why he had "a strong feeling" that made him want to play Kha'Zix against Lulu.)

Your next and final opponent for this qualifier is KT Rolster once again. What do you expect from that series?

I think the game will be effectively over before the laning phase ends. Practice is the only way for us to win. If we lose in the laning phase, it'll be over for us. We've had many chances to get to the Worlds but failed in the end - I think they wouldn't be in vain if we get there this time.

Do you think you'll be starting jungler for the match against KT?

Haru was chosen to be the starter because we wanted to win and he did better during scrims. I just think I was in better shape than he was. We'll do our best to defeat kt Rolster, and I think we can have the upper hand against them.

It feels like SSG plays a close match whenever the Regional Qualifier happens. Do you feel confident about your next match too?

We improve even in between the games through feedback, so the match often looks dramatic. I feel confident going against KT, but I won't be cocky. kt Rolster was always a strong team whenever we played against each other. It will not be an easy match.

What does the World Championship mean for you?

I'd be looking forward to next Worlds even if I were to win every Worlds. The time when we compete for the World Championship is like a closure of year for me. I always thought of it as a meaningful way to wrap up my year. I hope that I'll be able to get there and do well this year.

Any last comments?

The road to the Worlds has been dramatic this year; so I really want to get there in the end. I want to thank my wife for cheering for me always and tell her how much I love her.

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