Video Interview with LZ Khan: "Jayce is my signature pick even in a metagame for tanky toplaners"

On August 28th (KST), we interviewed Longzhu Gaming's Dongha "Khan" Kim after he won the finals of LCK Summer Playoffs by defeating SKT T1. We had a chance to talk about his Jayce, how he prepared for the finals and his vows for the Worlds.

Check out his interview below.

Please do a brief introduction of yourself and how you feel about winning the finals.

Hello, I'm Dongha "Khan" Kim. The toplaner for Longzhu Gaming. As for how I feel about winning the finals, I can say this again over and over again: I'm so happy. I'm enjoying every moment of being the champion, and it feels like I could fly high up in the air.

What did you say to each other before the match?

Well, it would be a lie to say that we wern't nervous at all. While it wasn't a problem for me, I thought Cuzz and Bdd might be worried. But, we told each other "Don't worry too much. just do what you can do as usual and you'll win if you do what you can do." and also from coaching staffs.

Since PraY and GorillA has a lot of experience, did those two say something to the rookies as well?

The coaches, PraY, GorillA all give us their insight usually. So there wasn't really anything special before the match - They just told us to do as we usually do.

Now, let's talk about SKT T1, your opponent for the finals. They made it to the finals all the way down from the wildcard match. Did you expect SKT T1 to make it to the finals?

First of all, we didn't want SKT T1 to make it to the finals. But from the wildcard match, quarterfinals, semifinals... Eventually, we realized how that's the reality that we had to face. The thing about SKT T1 was how they were bound to get to the playoffs even when they lose 4 times in a row. So we were told to keep in mind how we could face SKT T1 in the finals, and we were prepared to play against anyone in the playoffs.

Toplane champions in meta are not carry champions any more, But you chose to play with aggressive champions in all 4 games. Why did you pick those champions? Were you confident?

As for Jayce, I've played well enough with Jayce so that you can even call him my signature pick. Since I tend to do well with aggressive champions, I thought I just needed ban out good tanky champions.

You just said your signature champion was Jayce. You really do well with him. Is it also your most confident champion?

Sure. I always liked to play with Jayce, and it fits my play style well, so... how do I say it... Synergy? Yeah. That's why I play well with him.

Tell us your best moment during the finals.

There was this time when I went alone against 3 of SKT's players and managed to get two kills and walked away. I think that's my best moment.

Were you worried about SKT T1 and how well they employ the substitute strategy?

Their two toplaners play very differently. One does well with aggressive champions and the other plays very solidly. Either way, it's just the matter of who's better when matched with a similar style, so there wasn't a problem. As for the junglers, they do play very differently, but I wasn't worried because I believed in our jungler.

What did you talk about after being defeated in Game 3?

The early game of Game 3 wasn't great, but the team mood wasn't bad. We thought we'd stand a chance if we go into the late game, and we would still have two more games before we'd lose the finals even if we were to lose that game. I thought they played aggressively very well in the early game of Game 3, but since we took all the strong early game picks in Game 4 we managed to win Game 4.

Tell us how you'll prepare going to the Worlds.

I like to watch overseas league, and since I played in China for 3 years, I think we can beat everyone if we play like we always do, analyze the metagame enough, regardless of other team's play style.

Let's wrap up the interview with one last comment.

We'll be representing Korea in the World Championship, so we'll do our best to do well and make a good show for all the viewers. Thank you.

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