LZ PraY to the Tired Fans: "I'm sorry for dragging the series and not being able to win 3-0..."

The Titans have fallen.

On the 26th of August, 'SK Telecom T1' and 'Longzhu Gaming' clashed on stage to decide who claims the throne for the LCK Summer of 2017. Longzhu came in strong, and they remained strong throughout the entire series... and with a score of 3-1, the previous champions were dethroned. Every single player on the side of LZ played beyond the fans' expectations; especially Khan, who opted into playing carry toplaners despite the meta favoring tanks. Showing unbelievable performance, Khan was titled 'Playoff MVP'.

After the series came to a close, the proud LZ players climbed down from their booth to share words with the fans.

(To GorillA and BDD) How do you guys feel?

GorillA: I'm extremely happy for the victory... and with this win, our team will be able to head straight for Worlds. To be honest, since the Spring Split, I didn't think our team would be able to win like this... but in the end, we did. 

I have reached the Finals on three different teams... I think I'm lucky in meeting the right teammates. I truly hope everyone who is part of the current team - players and coaches alike - continue on with their success. 

BDD: Spring Split was the most difficult time for me... I'm very happy that I was able to take the trophy with these amazing teammates. I sincerely hope the fans are enjoying this as much as we are.

▲ LZ's midlaner, BDD

(To BDD) But you didn't play a single game during the Spring Split.

BDD: I think I performed well during the Summer because I have been meditating all Spring. (Laughs)

(To Khan) You've just played in the Finals. How do you feel?

Khan: I was actually quite concerned because recently, our practice didn't go too well, and because SKT continued to take down team after team during their climb to the Finals... But I played fantastically and destroyed all the concerns.

▲ LZ's toplaner, Khan

(To Cuzz) You took the 'royal road' to success.

Cuzz: We played according to what we did during practice, and therefore, we did well. LZ was my very first team, and I'm lucky to have met such great teammates. I also want to thank all the staff members that are at the teamhouse.

(To Cuzz) How was the team atmosphere after you guys dropped game 3?

Cuzz: I performed terribly, and I blamed myself because of it. But the real reason why we lost game 3 was that SKT took Gragas away from us... In game 4, however, we were able to secure the Gragas pick, and in turn, smother the SKT players.

▲ LZ's jungler, Cuzz

(To Cuzz) Such confidence! I think your teammates are trying to hold you back from talking even more! (Laughs)

Cuzz: Probably because they want me to be "safe".

▲ LZ's ADC, PraY

(To PraY and the Coaches) How do you feel after that victory?

PraY: It feels good winning with such great teammates. To the fans, I'm sorry for dragging the series and not being able to win 3-0... but I think our team made it worthwhile and displayed entertaining games for you guys. And Smeb, little bro, I'll be waiting for you at Worlds!

Head Coach Hirai: We played today as if we were playing a relegation series - we were that desperate for today's win... and I'm very happy to tell you guys that LZ will be remaining in the LCK. (Laughs) Today's win was made possible by everyone in the organization. Players put in an unbelievable amount of effort, and the members of the coaching staff were deprived of sleep. 

Let's carry on this momentum and win Worlds too. Keep on fighting!

Coach Kim Jeong-Su: This year, our players are even better than last year. So this time, we want to win Worlds. And as for Khan... he played way beyond our expectations. Instead of following the meta and putting him on a tank, we put him on "carry" champions...and he performed 200% of our initial expectations. I'm very happy that we won today, and we'll continue to practice for Worlds and show great performance there. 

Coach Chae Seung-Min: I'm very happy that we won today, especially because we have now qualified for Worlds. We'll do our best to win that tournament too. In the OGN's Summer Finals hype video, there was a line that said, "A new LCK Legend could be written in history." I hope our team does exactly that.

▲ LZ Head Coach, Hirai

(To GorillA) Any final words?

GorillA: After taking my well-deserved break, I'll witness KurO and Smeb fighting it out [in the qualifiers]. Please watch and enjoy the remaining games that'll be played in the LCK. We'll continue to practice as much as we can, and show great performance during Worlds. Thank you so much.

▲ LZ's support, GorillA

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