The Sad homage to Volibear and the unpopular champions

Today's editorial cartoon is the short episode depicting the dark reality of the unpopular champions and the Volibear. We will be waiting for the days when Volibear, Aatrox, Ryze, Udyr, Aurelion Sol and many other unpopular champions will be back in the Summoner's Rift.

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    level 1 Necronauts


    amazing. you made a champion very relatable
    • 0

      level 1 Lasso


      Thanks for the compliment. And let 's give love to the poor bear :)

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    level 1 Brennen


    You should add on to this cuz of the rework news

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      level 35 Lasso


      Oh my. I'm almost crying now haha!

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