Faker: "Trying to cut my arms off in 'Picks and Bans'? I've prepared a prosthetic arm just in case"

Blanknight strikes again. 

On the 19th of August(KST), the fans witnessed 'SK Telecom T1' taking the series against 'kt Rolster' with a reverse sweep. Similar in fashion to the 2013 Summer finals, SKT turned what seemed impossible around. With this victory, SKT is now guaranteed to qualify for the 2017 'World Championship'.

KT started the series with a 0:2 lead - but quickly - with a 3-win streak, SKT proved to the world once again why they're known as the "overlords" of Bo5s. Every player in the SKT lineup lived up to their names, displaying what can only be performed by world champions. After exiting the booth, the proud players climbed up the interview stage to share words with the casters.

(To Untara) Congratulations on your victory. Also, you seem a lot more confident than before.

Untara: Consistently winning boosted my confidence.

(To Untara) You and your teammates are now qualified for Worlds. It's your very first time. How do you feel?

Untara: It feels unreal. But to be honest, I was so focused on today's series that I didn't even think about Worlds... I'm just really happy that our team was able to reach the finals.

(To Untara) The games looked very... exhausting. Are you tired at all?

Untara: Yes, but Smeb is probably even more tired.

How was your matchup against Smeb?

Untara: Cho'Gath didn't work out, and Smeb played really well.

(To Untara) How nervous were you when the score was 0:2 in favor of KT?

Untara: Our coach told us, "If we lose, we lose. Play as comfortably as you can, as if you are playing a scrim match. Let's play the series out slowly."

(To Untara) Who is your favorite teammate from today's series? The one that helped you mentally.

Untara: Wolf... Faker... basically everyone focused and played well.

(To Blank) What were you told before being subbed in? You must've felt a lot of weight on your shoulders considering the score was 0:2 in favor of KT.

Blank: I was told to play burden-free. And to be honest, as a player, I feel much more comfortable when I'm subbed in for a losing game - because it's not entirely your fault if your team ends up losing. 

(To Blank) The fans speculate that you thoroughly study and note the enemy jungler's pathing before being subbed in. Is this true? Do you really put that to use?

Blank: I actually enjoy researching all sorts of jungle paths. Every pathing brings a different outcome. And so, I was able to predict where the enemy jungler was during the series depending on which path he took.

(To Peanut) This is your fourth time reaching the finals in the LCK. 

Peanut: It feels so good that my chest hurts. I'm constantly meeting great teammates throughout my career. Now, SKT is guaranteed for Worlds, so I'll do my best to show top performance. 

(To Peanut) How did you think your team was able to win that series? And also, did you have any prior conversations with Smeb? How about your other past teammates that you will face in the finals? 

Peanut: Before the games began, when shaking hands with Smeb, we told each other to "do your best." And I was actually very scared that we were going to lose the series... but Blank and everyone else played very well, and I was carried. 

As for my other past teammates, PraY really wanted to see me again, and I've been telling him that I will see him in the finals. I want to have fun games with him.

(To Wolf) How do you rate today's series?

Wolf: Even though we lost the first two games, KT played very awkwardly. So I knew we would win no matter what.

(To Wolf) What motivated you to pick Blitzcrank?

Wolf: I've been in the scene for a long time. So... how do I say this... veteran's "vibe"? I have the confidence to play him.

(To Wolf) The botlane matchup seemed to have affected the outcome of the series. What was the strategy for botlane in picks and bans?

Wolf: Kalista is a champion with a very strong laning phase... so they constantly roamed up to mid after taking the lead - It was very annoying. I think Kalista was KT's core pick.

(To Wolf) Give us a review of your teammates.

Wolf: Peanut was in a lot of mental pain after our initial 2-loss streak. I was worried about him, but I'm satisfied with how he is going through with this interview. 

(To Wolf) You're so high up in the Solo Queue ladder right now.

Wolf: There are 14 players above me right now, but they're all beatable. Everyone in my team used to make fun of my low MMR; but now, only Untara sits above me. 

(To Bang) How is it playing Tristana?

Bang: Tristana's W is good for playing against Blitzcrank and Alistar. But it wasn't that great against Thresh. So I was under a lot of pressure.

(To Bang) What were your reasons for constantly picking Tristana?

Bang: Taking Tristana is good because she goes well with many supports. As long as there's no Kalista, she's a great pick.

(To Faker) How was the series?

Faker: I made a lot of mistakes during games 1 and 2... so I couldn't concentrate during teamfights. But I think I played well in games 3, 4, and 5.

(To Faker) Lucian is like your left arm, and Cassiopeia your right. Were you worried when they were banned?

Faker: I prepared a prosthetic arm just in case they tried to cut my arms off... and so, I wasn't really thrown off when KT banned those two champions.

(To Faker) Was Corki your prosthetic arm?

Faker: I think so. I noticed that KT did a lot of "all-ins" during teamfights, so I picked Corki to counteract that. 

(To Faker) You told Peanut, "Tomorrow, I will carry," the night before your series against SSG. Did you say anything similar for today's series?

Faker: I actually had a very bad feeling prior to today's series...

(To Faker) Aren't you tired from the constant practice and preparations?

Faker: I haven't had a break since last year. I can handle taking care of my physical well-being, but the same cannot be said for my mental conditions. It's getting harder and harder to maintain it. 

(To Peanut) Any last words regarding your series against LZ?

Peanut: P-P-B-B-B... [Being subbed out by Blank] was a good experience for me. Many people didn't expect us to make it this far in the playoffs, but we did. At this point, I don't think anyone can truly beat us. I will display better performance during the finals. Thank you.


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