“When Smeb and GorillA drown? No way I’m gonna save them” The post-AMA interview with Kuro

On August 17th (KST), Global Inven had the opportunity to do an AMA with Kuro from LoL Afreeca Freecs for global fans.

This live AMA was done smoothly without any major problem, taking place where the Afreeca Freecs team lives. In particular, we had a couple of entertaining moments such as when Kuro was asked about which teammate he is closest to, and questions about MaRin (who was sitting right next to him and looked back at Kuro while he was answering the question).

The following is the short interview with Kuro following the live AMA.

AMA with Kuro - Ask Us Anything!


Q. You finished the AMA with global fans. How was it?

In truth, I have done an AMA with Inven Korea before. It was really fun and I wanted to do it once again, and it’s nice that I could actually do it again. I’m a bit worried about whether or not I managed to get my meaning across, because it was in English.

Q. Any particular moment or thing you found most interesting?

I remember all of the questions, and one of them was asking me who I would save between Smeb and GorillA if they were both drowning. I wouldn’t. They’ll live on their own (laughs).

▲ The most interesting question that Kuro picked


Q. There were a couple of questions regarding your chin, and I could see you touching your chin quite often when you had some time to think. Are you aware of this as well?

This just became a habit of mine, to be honest. I used to stretch the skin on my cheek or forehead, and I ended up having skin problems. So I went down to the part where I wouldn’t get such problems, and the chin was my last stop.

Q. There was a question about your roommate, MaRin. His scrim spot is right next to you as well. Did you select your place in the room and seat on your own?

No (laughs). Everything was done by our manager.

▲ Both are roommates and also sit right next to each other


Q. You are about to face MVP in the LoL World Cup Qualifiers. How are you preparing for this?

One of the similarities we share with them is that we both have big ups and downs. I suppose that the one without that issue will win.

Q. Any final words for your global fans?

The way they cheered for us was quite amazing when I went to the international tournament, and it was good that I could have the same feeling today. I do hope that you keep cheering for us.

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