A massive amount of silver in return - Training Manual, the automatic level-up system

* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.

On August 17th (KST), the Training Manual was officially added to Black Desert Online. The Training Manual is a type of buff that provides additional EXP automatically, and it can be purchased from an NPC called Jamey Druker.

There are 4 types of Training Manuals, categorized by duration. They are 1, 3, 5, and 10-hour Manuals, and each hour requires 2 million silver. You will not receive a price discount when you purchase more hours, thus it is best that you buy whichever is most suitable for you.

In order to begin with the Black Spirit’s Training, which is an automatic EXP acquisition method, you need to right-click the Training Manual. The Black Spirit’s Training buff will be activated, and your character will then be able to interact with scarecrows. Pressing R near one of the scarecrows located around Jamey Druker begins the training and you receive EXP for each hour spent.

The Training Manual can only be used by a character above level 50, and the buff provides up to 99% of the EXP your character needs to level up. You need to fill in the remaining 1% via actual combat or grinding. Moreover, any other combat EXP bonus from a scroll or food does not overlap with the manual buff. The buff starts right after you use the item, and the time does not stop in the middle even if you do not interact with a scarecrow. The duration does not get extended even when the server receives a maintenance and the game needs to be shut down.

The NPC is located in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia. You can find him near a skill instructor in Velia and Heidel, and near a marketplace manager in Calpheon. In Altinova, he is located midway between the Altinova and the main entrance to the city, and in Valencia, the location is around the west gate where the Valencia Plantation is.

▲ 2 million silver per hour is required to purchase the Training Manual
▲ The countdown starts as soon as the Training Manual is used
▲ You can begin and end the training by pressing R and interacting with a scarecrow
▲ Jamey Druker can be found near the skill instructor in Velia
▲ Jamey Druker can be found on the way to the skill instructor in Heidel
▲ Jamey Druker can be found near the northern entrance of Calpheon
▲ Jamey Druker can be found before entering Altinova
▲ Jamey Druker is located near the general goods vendor in Valencia

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    level 1 Dustin_Ray


    Now we just need to know how much Exp per hour you get from this method
    • 1

      level 1 Magne_H

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      In level 57, you get 1% exp per hour so it costs 2b to level up from 57 to 58. The cost&the time it takes to level up doubles as you level up.

    • 0

      level 1 taejinn


      This is incorrect.

      It is 2m silver per hour, not 20m. So at that rate, it would be 200m to level up from 57 to 58, not 2b.

      1% * 99 = 99%
      2m * 99 = 198m

  • 0

    level 1 Trender

    Expensive and low EXP

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