NV LiRa on Playoffs: "On our upcoming series, I will play as aggressively as I possibly can"

On the 20th of August, in the 2nd series of the '1st Round' of NA LCS playoffs, 'Team EnVyUs' and 'Counter Logic Gaming' will clash on stage to determine who will proceed. For EnVy, this will be the perfect opportunity for revenge, as the team failed to take a single series for themselves against CLG this year. 

Before the playoffs begin, we happened upon the opportunity to speak with the team's famous jungler, 'LirA'. He began by shining light on why EnVy displayed inconsistent performances in the past. "Our team relies heavily on our jungle and botlane performances - that's why our games are so unpredictable. At times, we seem like a very strong team... but every other time, we look like the weakest." 

During the end of the regular Split, EnVy fell into a 4-loss streak, and in regards to it, LirA explained that "a patch directly affected the team's performance during the Summer Split." He continued to further back up his statement. "Our team has a very aggressive playstyle. But when the patch [tank patch] hit, we opted to pick the "more" meta champions... which were mostly late-game oriented picks. Our macro management in the late-game is very lacking; so we basically played opposite to our comfortable playstyle, and it caused us to perform poorly." 

LirA was determined to go back to his team's original playstyle for the playoffs. "On our upcoming series, I will play as aggressively as I possibly can," he said. "We lost our last match against CLG because we tried to play defensively... I couldn't get over it because things could've gone much better. So this time, I will not make a regrettable decision and play according to my style."  

Hearing this, we wondered what sort of team composition EnVy had in mind for the playoffs. But of course, such information is better left undisclosed, so LirA simply answered, "We are practicing champions that we are confident in." On a side note, he also confidently mentioned that he has been preparing Nidalee for the playoffs.

LirA then shared his opinion on how the upcoming series could be decided - by putting emphasis on the botlane. "The current meta revolves around playing tanks in the toplane and jungle. So I think it'll be easier for the botlaners to quickly take down their turret and snowball." 

For his parting words, LirA expressed his determination to win in the playoffs. "With my current skills, I don't think anyone can truly overshadow me. Also, the upcoming series could potentially be the last game our team plays this year; so I will make sure to play the game in a way that I won't regret in the future."

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