Ssumday on 'ALL-PRO': "I'm proud that I was selected instead of Hauntzer and Flame - players of the top two teams"

In the NA LCS 'ALL-PRO' team, Ssumday was chosen as the toplaner.

On the 16th of August(KST), the most outstanding players for each role in the NA LCS were chosen to make an ALL-PRO team - In a way, it's similar to NBA's ALL-NBA team. The five players who were selected are as follows: Ssumday(DIG), Xmithie(IMT), Jensen(C9), Doublelift(TSM), and Olleh(IMT).

As for Ssumday, it's true that Dignitas didn't exactly make the biggest impression during the Spring Split, and their Summer Split results weren't too top-notch; but Ssumday definitely had something to show, and it was enough for him to be selected as an ALL-PRO toplaner.

Through Invenglobal, Ssumday shared his thoughts upon being selected for this achievement. "I didn't even know that I was selected until I saw my Twitter feed," he said. Ssumday thanked the fans who informed him by sending him the graphs as well as those who congratulated him. He then continued stating, "[2nd place] Hauntzer and [3rd place] Flame had a much more competitive Split compared to me - as both of them are in the 1st and 2nd placed team in the LCS standings. But I'm proud that I was selected in place of them."

On a request to "look back into your past", Ssumday answered, "League-wise, we still have the playoffs remaining, so I want to wait a little longer before saying anything. However, for everything outside of the game, I'm very satisfied. I think I have done a great job at adapting here. There were many difficulties at first... but I think the efforts of all my teammates and other acquaintances really helped me to adapt efficiently."

For the "match to remember", the 3rd game of Dignitas' series against TSM in the 1st round of the Summer Split was mentioned. Ssumday enlightened us by stating, "Before the games began, there was a bit of conflict, and it made me struggle mentally. But with great performance, we overcame it and were able to win the 3rd set." At the time, Ssumday picked Fiora and led his team to victory with a KDA of 5/1/7.

He also shared his thoughts on what could've been better. To begin, Ssumday was disappointed in his team's Spring Split results by stating, "There were many games that I could've played better during Spring... I should've played better." He then added, "Summer Split is still ongoing. I hope to end it with a good result." 

Regarding their upcoming playoff series, Ssumday shared a few words. "I think C9 is one of the strongest teams. Out of all their players, however, we will have to keep their midlaner, Jensen, in check. But that doesn't mean our midlaner is far too behind, as Keane is also a great player. I truly believe that our team can win." As for Impact, C9's toplaner, Ssumday said, "I'm not really intimidated by him. Impact has a very strong yet defensive playstyle, but it doesn't concern me too much."

People also worried for Ssumday's health. He suffered from a 'cold' and it deterred him from practicing to the fullest degree. Regarding it, Ssumday assured us by stating, "It's not too big of a problem... I've almost fully recovered." He then said that he would like to play his playoff games with no further conflicts.


1st NA LCS All-Pro Team
Chan-ho “Ssumday” Kim - Top, DIG (66 Points)
Jake “Xmithie” Puchero - Jungle, IMT (84 Points)
Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen - Mid, C9 (94 Points)
Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng - ADC, TSM (96 Points)
Joosung “Olleh” Kim - Support, IMT (103 Points)

2nd NA LCS All-Pro Team
Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell - Top, TSM (60 Points)
Juan “Contractz” Garcia - Jungle, C9 (49 Points)
Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg - Mid, TSM (92 Points)
Cody “Cody Sun” Sun - ADC, IMT (58 Points)
Andy “Smoothie” Ta - Support, C9 (62 Points)

3rd NA LCS All-Pro Team
Ho-jong “Flame” Lee - Top, IMT (59 Points)
Taeyou “LirA” Nam - Jungle, NV (41 Points)
Jaehyun “Huhi” Choi - Mid, CLG (22 Points)
Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi - ADC, C9 (31 Points)
Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black - Support, CLG (34 Points)

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