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Interview with Cody "Walrus" Altman, the jungler for Maryville University - the champions of the 2017 ULoL


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Maryville is a University in Missouri where many talented individuals gather for knowledge. What makes Maryville University extraordinary, however, is the fact that they have a big interest in esports.

A lot of universities in North America, including Robert Morris(RMU) and Carnegie Mellon(CMU), are also starting to express their interest in the esports industry. However, Maryville University was one of the very first to form an esports team; and they even went as far as to develop a scholarship program entirely dedicated to it. Maryville is currently contributing to the new trend of professional gaming business.

In May, Maryville defeated Toronto University and won the championship in the 'League of Legends Collegiate Champions'. The said tournament, which was hosted by Riot Games, was the very first of its kind, and Maryville University took the honor of being its very first champions.

The success of Maryville's esports team derived from their skilled coaches, superb facilities, precise training, and a well-organized scholarship program. We happened upon an opportunity to meet with Cody "Walrus" Altman, the jungler for Maryville, to hear from him in detail about Maryville's esports team, their victorious moment at the tournament, and their current status.


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Q. It has already been a month and a half since your team's historic victory. How did you feel at the time and what has everyone been up to recently?

I felt as if I was on the best team in the world and we just destroyed the biggest boss. I was exhilarated and extremely Proud of myself and my teammates, we have been relaxing before school starts and just taking a little time to ourselves before we starting going for National Championship #3 ;)

Q. Your team won the final round of ULoL 2017 against the University of Toronto and secured a win for the United States. How did your friends, family, and college react at the time?

Well, to be honest, two of us Me and Andrew had our family and friends there so it was amazing for us to win on stage in front of them to show them all these hours we put in had actually proven to them that we are a strong team and we are the best. Our University also welcome us with huge hugs and celebratory honors for us after we had won.


Q. It was a big deal when you defeated your rival Robert Morris University in the semifinals. How do you feel looking back on the game?

I felt great after beating RMU I knew that I was doing really well and that my team was in all the right places and times and we just had great synergy through the series and we had what it took to take down our rivals and it felt great because their coach was talking a pretty big game so it was a great deal for us to shut them down.

Q. What do you think has changed from the college’s perspective after winning the championship?

It could both be abstract or concrete. Well I mean for our school they know that we now are the best collegiate team and we are hands down one of the schools best winning program in recent history only being 2nd year students it is an amazing feat.

Q. Maryville University is one of the pioneering institutions for esports scholarships. What advantages does Maryville University have and what kind of support does it provide for esports development?

Maryville has given us the best financial support in the country and they always have our back whenever we need something done in terms of peripherals and etc. I couldn't have asked to play for a better University and it's always looking to broaden our horizons and look for more teams and develop the eSports squad more and more.

Q. I’m sure there are many students who want to be a part of your team. What would you say is the most important thing that Maryville esports team looks for in a potential teammate?

Hard work, Passionate, and Team player, we do look for the best opportunities to get more players and give them chances to further their education as well as playing at a high level.



Q. Do you have any messages for prospective student players who want to participate in collegiate esports in the future?

You don't have to be a genius to go to college, I was a 2.3 gpa student in high school and once I got to college it was so much easier because it's actually classes you're interesting not just all general education which will not pertain to your degree. You can do it because I know I was in the same shoes doubting myself.

Q. I would like to hear future plans of all the team members. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to esports.

I personally would like to pursue a professional job playing league, but I also want to continue my other dream of being a law enforcement officer so I have to decide what sacrifices I would have to make to make this tough decision. For my teammates one is in the process of going pro and I don't think my team opposes going pro it just has to be the right price if you get my drift ;).

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    level 1 Marcia


    Thank you for covering Maryville's eSports team! Maryville is extremely proud of our team and their successes. Please update the opening paragraph of your story, however, as Maryville University is in St. Louis, MO, not Tennesee. Thank you.

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      level 1 Lasso


      We fixed the wrong information. Thank you :)

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