Teams playing in the Overwatch World Cup Quarterfinals determined!

The United States and Germany, and The United Kingdom and Chinese Taipei competed against each other to decide which team will proceed to the quarterfinals in BlizzCon in the Group Stage Semifinals.

The United States defeated Germany by 3-0; although they repeatedly made small mistakes by getting cut off by 1~2 before the actual teamfights, Jake’s skilled game play helped them successfully proceed to the quarterfinals.

While the United States had their ace take the spotlight, the United Kingdom made it to the quarterfinals with great teamwork. The United Kingdom defeated Chinese Taipei by 3-0 with everyone from the team displaying skillful gameplay.



The match between the United States and Germany ended with the United States winning by 3-0, as many Overwatch fans predicted. The United States made it to the objective with help from Fctfctn’s stellar Winston on their turn to attack in Hollywood, the first set. They did not allow any of their points to be taken by their enemies on their turn to defend.

The second set took place in Nepal. Germany won in the first map by 100% to their enemy’s 0% capture progress with Crnkz’s Genji in the frontline. However, the United States had their ace, Jake. Jake countered them with his Genji as well, with killing sprees going in both Nepal’s Shrine and Sanctum, and gave the United States 2 consecutive set wins.  

The third set took place in the Horizon Lunar Colony, chosen by Germany. The United States came up with a dive comp against Germany, who first started on attack, and Sinatraa played a big role in skillfully harassing enemies from front to back and protecting point B.

Germany frantically tried to defend point B on defense, but Jake’s Soldier: 76 supported his team with great firepower from the 2nd floor, point B, leading the United States to victory in the end.


▲ Jake’s Genji/Soldier: 76 displayed excellent performance.


The following match was between the United Kingdom and Chinese Taipei to determine who would proceed to the Quarterfinals. The United Kingdom won by 3-0 with great teamwork revolving around Boombox and Kruise.

The first set took place in Hollywood. The United Kingdom picked Soldier:76, Tracer, and Genji on attack, pushing Chinese Taipei into a corner with their stable gameplay, not once making a misstep. Eventually, they made it to the end with 3 minutes and 38 seconds left. They had the same composition on defense, and won as they stopped the opponent team from escorting the payload right in front of the objective.

The second set was in Nepal; if the healer-tank comp from Boombox’s Zenyatta and Smex’s D.Va outshined the others in Hollywood, Mikeya’s Tracer did in Nepal. With calm use of their ults and a good proportion of offense and defense, the United Kingdom won this set as they held off Chinese Taipei’s rather hasty attacks.

The third set was again set in the Horizon Lunar Colony. Chinese Taipei quickly captured point A with Zonda’s Soldier:76, who displayed good performance the whole day, and Baconjack’s Reaper, and also managed to capture point B with 1 minute left. Chinese Taipei tried their best to win by playing Mei on their turn to defend, but the United Kingdom captured point B with 5 minutes left. In the end, the United Kingdom won with a gap in time, making to the quarterfinals in BlizzCon.

The total of 8 teams playing in the Overwatch World Cup Quarterfinals has now been determined. China, France, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom will be competing against each other this upcoming November in BlizzCon after the group draw.


▲ Kruise’s Genji and Mikeya’s Tracer led the United Kingdom to victory.




The results of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica Qualifier Semifinals for Group G and H

1st Match United States 3 - 0 Germany

1st Set United States (W) - Germany (L) in Hollywood
2nd Set United States (W) - Germany (L) in Nepal
3rd Set United States (W) - Germany (L) in Horizon Lunar Colony

2nd Match United Kingdom 3 - 0 Chinese Taipei

1st Set United Kingdom (W) - Chinese Taipei (L) in Hollywood
2nd Set United Kingdom (W) - Chinese Taipei (L) in Nepal
3rd Set United Kingdom (W) - Chinese Taipei (L) in Horizon Lunar Colony



The teams playing in the Overwatch World Cup 2017 Quarterfinals





South Korea


United States

United Kingdom

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