AFs Coach 'iloveoov': "Their continuous thirst for victory kept them going... but you may find dark circles under their eyes"

On the 12th of August, taking place on the stage of 'Sangam OGN Studio', the playoffs for 2017 LCK Summer Split will begin. The first matchup will be a wild card series between 'SK Telecom T1' and 'Afreeca Freecs'. 

After a mighty clash with 'Jin Air Green Wings', Afreeca maintained their 5th place position in the LCK leaderboards during the Regular Split. The head coach of the team, 'Choi Yeon Sung', gave insight that his players are "energetic, in top-condition, and are more than eager to play their series against SKT." 

"My players' physical conditions may have dropped from the constant practice, but their mentality is as strong as ever. Their continuous thirst for victory kept them going," Choi said. He then continued stating, "You may, however, find some dark circles under the players' eyes[Laughs], but more than meets the eye, their insides will be tough!" 

In regards to the upcoming wild card series against SKT, Choi stated, "A team's match history doesn't matter," and "Making it into the playoffs itself is the greatest feat Afreeca has achieved in 2017." He also said that his players will not take this opportunity for granted and that they will try their best to go beyond the playoffs. "We will be playing against SKT... and so, we want to win." 

Choi then mentioned, "Our goal since the start of the season was to make it into Worlds and win. We have been running only forward - without looking back."

Choi finalized the interview with the following statement. "Ever since we got together for the current roster, we have been practicing nonstop to build proper synergy between the players. As a result, we have been showing inconsistent performances. However, we will continue to do our best to grow stronger day by day. And recently, some of the fans expressed an opinion, that it's our toplaner and jungler that makes the team inconsistent. But I think that's not really the case. It's a team problem, not an individual's. If a hole appears in front of our team, all of us will work together to fill in that hole. We will do our best to win." 

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