SKT Head Coach cCarter: "Against AFs, we are pushing ourselves hard so that we can forget about being tired"

On August 12th (KST), SK Telecom T1 and Afreeca Freecs will be facing off in the wildcard match as the first match of LCK Summer Playoffs 2017.

We reached out to Byunghoon "cCarter" Choi, SKT's head coach, for a comment before the match, and he showed confidence in the team for the wildcard match as he talked about how much effort that the players are putting in.

"Everyone is physically tired due to all the practices, but we are pushing ourselves hard so that we can forget about being tired. Players are united in how they all want to do better and how they all feel that they need to practice more." He said.

"We've been going through some difficulties both in and out of the game, but the only thing that we could do was play better than we have been. Players know that too - that's why they are pushing even further."

When asked about how their past results against Afreeca Freecs was not as good as against other teams, cCarter told us that he wasn't bothered about it. "We never thought too much about past results. Even if we have worse matchup against certain teams, it doesn't concern us nor it makes us discouraged. I think we've been studying Afreeca Freecs quite well, so I'm sure we'll do well against them tomorrow."

cCarter ended the interview by promising how they will do their best no matter what happens in the playoffs. "Starting from the wildcard series will be difficult for us, but we really put our heart and soul into it, so I hope we will go as far as we can. We might be starting from the bottom of playoffs, but that's not an excuse for us to not get to the finals. Even if we are forced to go through the regional qualifier, we won't be discouraged at all, but do our best to be qualified for the Worlds. We'll do our best to win."

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