Overwatch Contenders Season 1: With Team Liquid Rumored to be Out, Who Will Buy the Open Slot?



▲ Team Liquid is in their right to sell their spot, but some players aren't happy.

Add another one to the list. Team Liquid, who recently qualified for Season One of the Overwatch Contenders, comes bearing the disappointing news as they are rumored to be disbanding their Overwatch roster in the coming weeks, according to an ESPN report. This now marks yet another prominent organization that seems to be playing the waiting game with news regarding the Overwatch League.

Despite the roster being dropped, several of the players will have the opportunity to stick with the organization through other games. Several members of Team Liquid’s roster had already begun to shift away from the game the moment former Quake stars Tim ‘DaHanG’ Fogarty and Shane ‘rapha’ Hendrixson qualified for the upcoming Quake World Championships and Keven ‘AZK’ Larivière‘s ban from ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events was lifted.

Though the news comes as a significant blow to the competitive scene, it also came with the notion that Team Liquid will be selling their Overwatch Contenders spot, rather than it going to the next-best team from Season Zero.

Luminosity Evil’s Matthew ‘super ‘DeLisi’ mentions that Blizzard has signed on with Team Liquid’s decision, though we’re yet to hear their official word on the situation. 


@super_OW -Pretty stupid that blizzard is content with liquids contenders spot being sold instead of it going to either us or envision


Players from both Luminosity Evil and EnVision Esports aren’t too pleased with this given they would have been the teams vying for the final position after falling short in their series to qualify.


@McGravyOW - if blizzard is seriously gonna sell the liquid contenders spot instead of giving it to us or LGE, ive lost all faith in blizzard 

Correction: I understand its Liquid’s spot to sell. Just sucks that making top 8 has no impact on any of this. Feels like the work is wasted


Although the acquisition of the spot itself was through Team Liquid’s qualification, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to field a team for it. Selling league spots in other esports titles is nothing new and some believe that it should be treated as an asset, creating some value for the organization should they wish to part ways. 


@MonteCristo - If “dropout” teams can’t sell slots then teams won’t pay players to compete. The assets need to have value.


With no further word from any of the associated parties as to who may replace Team Liquid, the acquisition will have to come rather quickly with Season One commencing on August 14th..


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