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A Scripter or a Super Rookie? A Masked Challenger Claims Two Pentakills Against Faker



Scoring two pentakills against Faker and turning around games with a 10k gold deficit... Who is this mysterious Chinese player?

"A new script program has been released." About a month ago, rumors that a new hacking program was released started spreading between ranked players in Korea. It all began when an unknown player suddenly showed up in the Challenger tier, showcasing never before seen kiting abilities. This player claimed two pentakills for himself while playing against Faker and completely turned around losing games with sheer skill alone. The player in question is named 'ZhanQisususu'. 

In truth, there were many reasons for users to be suspicious of this new player. First of all, ZhanQisususu was stuck in Diamond 1 all throughout the last season, unable to climb higher. It's also worth noting that this player's main role used to be jungler, but when he suddenly made the transition to playing ADC, he climbed the ranks at an unimaginable speed, hitting challenger in the blink of an eye. He also changed his summoner skill layout by placing Flash on 'D' instead of his usual setup of placing it on 'F'. 

The 2nd reason that he was brought under suspicion was his frequent usage of hyper-carry champions. He would always put attack speed items as the top priority, often rushing 'Runaan's Hurricane' on Twitch and 'Wit's End' on Kog'Maw as the very first item in order to maximize his kiting capabilities as early as possible.

The player also caught a fair share of attention because of 'Little Phoenix', his duo partner. By playing only Lulu, Janna, and Karma, Phoenix utilized support champions that could buff and intensify the kiting potential of 'ZhanQisususu'. And although Phoenix was spotted before playing Rakan, it was far from impressive.

A famous Korean Challenger user that goes by the name of 'FLahm' commented that 'ZhanQisususu' is already seen as a scripter by most if not all players in his tier. However, he also added, "If he is indeed scripting, it would be a "kiting" script instead of the widely used "dodging" script. And so, we don't have enough evidence to use against him." He then continued, stating, "ZhanQisususu actually made many bad decisions in his plays... but his kiting is still way too perfect. We can simply say that he is a great player, but his history of being stuck in Diamond 1 along with his sudden change to the ADC role - not to mention his swapping Flash from 'F' to 'D' while using Cleanse way more often than Heal... There are many factors that really put suspicion on the player, and no one in Challenger truly believes that he climbed with skill alone." 

'ZhanQisususu' became an internet phenomenon over in China as well, by being regarded as "a player that is good enough to be called a hacker in the Korean server." But what's really astounding is the fact that this player is actually a rookie preparing for his debut on 'Team RNG'. 

▲ LPL's Team RNG's official statement regarding 'ZhanQisususu'

Through SNS, RNG released an official statement revealing that 'ZhanQisususu' is indeed a trainee for the team and that he is merely a 17-year-old boy. They also stated that their "rookie" is being constantly watched through a very strict system and that the rumors regarding his usage of hacks are all false. The fans in China, as well as Korea, are now waiting in anticipation for this new player to show up and display the skills that he has shown in Solo Queue to the world on a professional stage. 

Beating Faker with a 10k gold deficit and scoring two pentakills in one game


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