"Janna: Chapter 2" - the Return of the Ardent Queen


Today's editorial cartoon is about 'Ardent Censer', an item that brought Janna back up on her feet.

The item itself has a relatively low gold cost, and it buffs the ADC of the team in major ways. Recently, the full potential of the item was discovered by the users; and it brought their attention to Janna, a champion that declined in popularity due to frequent nerfs. With this item, Janna provides mobility, AD, as well as survivability to the ADC, making him or her a late-game monster. Now, Janna stands as the champion with the highest winrate starting from Bronze and all the way to Master tier.

With the updated support item, 'Ancient Coin', it has gotten even easier for Janna to rush the praised item, Ardent Censer. Now, many players stand curiously on how long Janna will last on her newly granted opportunity of becoming a strong pick again.

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