The International 2017 group stages standings after Day 3

Day 3 was TI7’s wildest day yet. There were bloodbaths, there were slogs. There were amazing plays and epic fails, all in front of the backdrop of the biggest esports tournament in history. Here are the standings:

*- denotes team’s place is mathematically locked


What were the highlights and lowlights of the day, though? Find out below.


LGD.Forever Young, Team Liquid Secure First-Place in Their Groups

LGD.Forever Young have become the breakout stars of the group stages. Team Liquid? To this point, they look every bit the part of the odds-on favorite to win TI7. Both of them entered Day 3 on strong footing and both exited with their spot on top of their groups cemented.

13-1 and 11-3, respectively, they will face the fourth-place team in the opposite group. Who will those be? That’s anyone’s guess. While the teams have all settled into one of three distinct tiers, few have been locked into either the upper or lower bracket at this point.

LGD Gaming (10-4) is guaranteed a top-four finish in Group A, while Team Empire is cemented into a lower bracket spot in Group B. Everyone else, however, is fighting over the third- and fourth-place spots, or fighting to stay alive in the tournament.

Day 4 will be must-watch Dota 2, so make sure to tune in.

OG’s s4 made a very, very bad play in their second game against Invictus Gaming.


The Worst Play in Dota 2 International History?

Look, we’ve all done dumb stuff in Dota 2 before. We’ve all whiffed a Chrono Sphere or threaded needles with hooks or gotten greedy and missed everyone with a Reverse Polarity.

Pros make those mistakes, too! Pros like Gustav "s4" Magnusson, to be specific.

After 40 minutes of being smacked around by Invictus Gaming, OG looked for a fight in the Roshan pit. The (former) Green Team sent in s4, playing Enigma, to initiate what could be a game-swinging fight with a Black Hole. He blinked into the pit, let out his ulti and, unfortunately, didn’t come close to hitting anyone.

In the grand scheme of the game, this wasn’t a big deal. Even if they wiped IG, and picked up two Gems and a Divine Rapier off their corpses, they still would’ve been down about 25,000 gold.

Still, this was a fun, “human” moment from one of the best players in the world.


Do-or-Die Showdown Scheduled for Day 4

As stated, things are tight in both groups. Teams are fighting desperately to score a coveted upper bracket slot in the main event and the stakes are high for almost everyone entering the final day of the group stages.

At the very bottom of Group B, however, Cloud9 and Hellraisers are desperately fighting for their survival. On Day 4, they face off in one of the final series of the group stages to determine which one gets sent home with a last place finish.

As it stands, Cloud9 owns a 2-10 record while Hellraisers stands at 1-11 and both will play four games on Saturday. Before their series, they face off with tough, hungry opponents in Digital Chaos and Invictus Gaming, respectively. They may be able to sneak out a win but, in all likelihood, their fates will be riding on this matchup.


128-Minute Game Makes Day for Fantasy Players

Dota 2 games can go for a long time. A very, very long time. For a good while, TI7 was actually moving fairly quickly but Team Empire and iG.Vitality slowed things down in a big way on Friday with a grueling 128-minute game.

For more than two hours, the two teams went back and forth, cautiously waiting on cooldowns while chipping away at each others’ bases. The game, eventually, was won by iG.Vitality, evening the series in the process and scoring major points for anyone that happened to play their cards in the fantasy challenge. On top of that, it blew away the “Longest Game” maximum prediction in the TI7 Compendium, which topped out at 100+ minutes.

All that aside, the game helped push iG.Vitality into the hunt for 4th place in Group A. If they can win their Day 4 games against Infamous, and if they can get a bit of help, they could push their way into an upper bracket start.


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