Katowice Qualifier Group Stage 1st Day Match Results - Absolute victories by 4-0

The 1st day of Group Stage for the 2017 Overwatch World Cup Katowice Qualifier took place on August 4th.

Each Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, and Russia gained a victory against Poland, Austria, Turkey, and Singapore on the first day of the Group Stage. Since each winning team overwhelmed their opponent team with perfect 4-0, the rest of the Group Stage for Group E and F are expected to be very intense.



The 1st match of Group E was between Netherlands and Poland. Poland was able to escort the payload swiftly with help from Danye’s outstanding Tracer in Numbani, where the 1st set took place, but failed to reach the end due to Netherlands’ fierce resistance. Meanwhile, Netherlands managed to win by skilfully displaying their Dive comp. Poland was in favor of the game in the early part of the 2nd set in Lijian Tower and 3rd set in Horizon Lunar Colony, but they lost due to failing to use their ults in the right place at the right moment, allowing Netherlands to gain control of the Points. Netherlands became victorious by winning all 4 sets on the 1st day of Group Stage.

The 2nd match for Group E was between South Korea and Austria. Fl0w3r from Team South Korea played Hanzo and Junkrat, dealing damage behind their two tanks, Reinhardt and Zarya. South Korea managed to eliminate all enemies by playing various Heroes like Torbjörn, McCree, and Genji. It seemed that Austria could take control of a Point by winning a fight for the first time with their El Presidente strategy in the last set, but sadly, this did not happen as they continued to lose in later team fights. In the end, South Korea became victorious with perfect 4-0 without losing any Points to Austria.


▲ South Korea overwhelmed Austria by eliminating all enemies in every team fights.


The next match was between Turkey and Canada from Group F. The 1st set took place in Hollywood, which Canada successfully won with Agilities’ Genji and xQc’s Winston in their Dive composition. Later on, Surefour’s McCree countered H3X’s Tracer in the 2nd set that took place in Lijiang Tower. Turkey continued to engage in fights against Canada with Yaga’s Genji in the frontline but Canada did not panic and calmly defeated them. Turkey tried their best to win against Canada in Route 66 but eventually failed in the last set.

The 2nd match took place between Russia and Singapore from Group F. The 1st set took place in Numbani, and both team used Dive comps with Genji and Tracer in the frontline, although Russia managed to win with more stable focus. In the 2nd set, Russia crushed Singapore with their Dive comp in Lijiang Tower based on ShadowBurn and Mistakes’ impressive performance. Singapore tried to counter Russia’s Dive comp with Mei, Reaper, and Pharah in the following 3rd set, but failed to stop ShadowBurn’s Genji. This repeated in Route 66, the last set, allowing Russia to triumph with perfect 4-0.


▲ Fans were able to witness Surefour’s McCree, Soldier 76, and even Widowmaker.


▲ TXAO eliminating 4 enemies with his ult.




The 2017 Overwatch World Cup Katowice Qualifier Group Stage 1st Day Match Results

Group E

1st Match  Netherlands (W) vs Poland (L)
2nd Match  South Korea (W) vs Austria (L)

Group F

1st Match  Canada (W) vs Turkey (L)
2nd Match  Russia (W) vs Singapore (L)

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