Day9 explains the root of toxicity in multiplayer games



You can't play a PC game for long without running into the topic of toxicity. Ever since the explosive growth of the MOBA genre, the majority of PC gamers have moved away from 1-on-1 multiplayer experiences in favor of team-based environments. Everything is fine when a team is operating smoothly but, once the inevitable conflict arises, some players lose their cool.

In this comical (but informative) highlight from Day9's stream, he outlines the root of toxicity and how to combat it. Day9's approach to dealing with toxic players focuses on personal calm and empathy for the toxic player. His hilarious description of your typical toxic player strikes true to anyone who has spent years playing online. Maybe to some, it hits a little close to home. 

"I see too often someone saying-- dude you don't understand how toxic this community is. So toxic. Super toxic. And when I look at the behavior of people, here's what I see... There are too many people that whenever they see one person being a jerk, they are a jerk right back."

In typical Day9 fashion, the entertaining rant ends with a bit of sincere wisdom. He leaves us with a call to action -- let's calm down the toxic player. let's not escalate their anger, but absorb their pain and make sure it doesn't spread.

You can catch Day9 on his Twitch channel, Day9tv.


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