CoreJJ and CuVee Brings SSG's Losing Streak to an End

After being defeated by both KT and MVP, Samsung Galaxy suffered a losing streak. However, On July 27th, SSG defeated Afreeca Freecs with a score of 2:0.

On today's series, SSG's botlane utilized a rather unpopular duo, Varus-Zyra, and showed good performance. The MVP of set 1, CoreJJ, commented, "I believe Varus-Zyra is a good combo. I have won similar matchups quite frequently in the past, so I knew how to win with that duo." He also mentioned that the team "picked Varus and Zyra to pressure Tristana" as the Yordle's kit lacks any real harass. 

On set 2, there was a very interesting play that took place. CuVee's Camille actually stopped Galio's R with 'Hextech Ultimatum'. CuVee seemed to have redeemed himself from his past game with his stellar performance on Camille. Regarding the previous series against MVP, where CuVee made the wrong choice of split pushing at the last minute of set 2, CuVee said, "I asked my teammates if they were capable of protecting base without me. They responded with a 'yes', and so, I continued to push. When I checked again, all of my teammates were dead." CoreJJ then supported CuVee by saying, "He had no choice... It was a team decision." 

Near the end of set 2, Crown netted himself a Pentakill on Cassiopeia. In order to achieve this, the entire SSG lineup had to dive the enemy fountain. The MVP of the 2nd set, CuVee, said "I knew something was going to happen as soon as we killed Galio. So I started yielding the kills to Crown. After the quadra kill, we all made up our minds to dive the fountain."

CoreJJ then explained why he was the only one that backed out from the dive. "The life of Braum is all about landing his Q. So after landing the skill, my job was done," he then continued to tell the truth. "Honestly, I thought we were all going to die... So I ran."

CoreJJ, CuVee, and the rest of the SSG lineup have 2 series left on the current Summer Split. The two MVPs told the fans that they will focus on the remaining games as if it's the playoff games itself. The two players finalized the interview by thanking the fans for always cheering for the team, whether they win or lose.

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