Longzhu Gaming's Sudden Change in Performance, and Their Fans' Reactions

Today’s editorial cartoon features Longzhu Gaming’s rise in the LCK, and their fans' reactions towards it.

On the current split of LCK, LZ is proving themselves to be a big threat to the other teams. With superior macro and micro management, they have climbed to the #1 spot in the leaderboards on the 22nd of July. The fans stand astounded from LZ’s sudden increase in performance, as the team's past results were rather lackluster.

In the past, LZ was known by fans as a team that can “do better, but just can’t.” Many famous and well-known players have joined LZ before, but the results the team made were always below average. The team had the image of “no matter how much they try, it will be futile.” Whenever LZ made an announcement of employing a famous player, or whenever they reassured the fans by saying “this year will be different,” the fans kept their excitement to themselves. This became a meme in the Korean community.

Although some lost hope in finally seeing LZ perform, LZ’s loyal fanbase actually grew thicker and thicker by the day. Wanting to finally see the team perform, the fans got their wishes fulfilled this split. But they are are reacting in an interesting way. The fans are in denial that their team is currently doing well.

LZ currently holds the #1 spot in the LCK leaderboards, but fans still see LZ as a bottom-tier team. Whenever a player in the team makes an outstanding play, fans would say "that wasn't really outstanding," or "they're just a team that narrowly avoided relegations." The emotional hardships the fans experienced over the long period in which they followed LZ, must've left a scar in them. 

The LCK scene has become more exciting than it has ever been before as many "bottom-tier" teams are beginning to perform way better than expected. On the side of LZ, many fans are waiting in anticipation to see "the team that narrowly avoided relegation" leave behind a good record this split. Can LZ maintain the #1 spot and satisfy their long-time fans? Only time will tell. 

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